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Right media front whines and incites against Wikipedia

The East Prussian Landsmannschaft has known the problem for a long time: Their press organ, the Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung (PAZ), is considered a bit right by political scientists, although they simply want to be “conservative Prussian values”. And Wikipedia not only cites the self-description, but also the political scientists, which is why a self-pitying dossier on Wikipedia has been prominently linked on the PAZ's website for a long time.

Some time ago someone looked up at peculiar free (egg-free) and found that Wikipedia not only describes the self-description (“libertarian resistance” against “the increasing neo-socialist expropriation”), but also a range of other assessments between “market radicalism FTW !! ! ”And“ a little bit of boy freedom content here ”. What do you call such a list of opinions? According to eifrei jazz columnist Hans-Olaf HenkelAttack on freedom of the pressAs he announced to the Handelsblatt ("Freedom of the press under fire", October 29, 2012):

Freedom of the press is particularly threatened on the Internet. Recently, Wikipedia has become the battlefield of perfidious attacks on freedom of the press. For ideologues, it is no longer just a question of influencing the press, but of destroying them. At the moment they are trying to shoot the intellectually demanding, freedom-committed magazine "Eigenümlich Frei" into storm over manipulation of Wikipedia.

Henkel's statement is based on obviously absurd definitions of freedom of expression and freedom of the press (apart from the fact that it is sad what he thinks is intellectually demanding and he can happily explain how exactly this is supposed to work with the destruction by Wikipedia).

Hetz blog pi-news jumped aside on October 23:

At Wikipedia politics, left-wing extremist antifants, red socks, indymedia criminals and communists of all kinds rule. So the libertarian peculiarly free is now also a Nazi hinge. Proof is, as always in such cases, the mindless excrement of red Politruks according to the motto “semper aliquid haeret”.

eifrei author Michael Klonovsky used his right to write in Focus (46/2012, p. 129) to strike the same note. He also defended freely for having interviewed the model Nazi Udo Voigt, “because the interviewer does not accuse the NPD functionary of nationalism, racism, etc., as usual, but that he is a socialist”. Ah yes. That really removes all doubts.

The day before yesterday also Vera Lengsfeld, who offers even more at achgut and bridges the gap to the PAZ mentioned above:

There are only a few libertarians in Germany. Germans traditionally seem to prefer collectivism in all its forms. That is why there are only two libertarian newspapers in our apparently diverse press landscape, the weekly “Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung” (PAZ) and the monthly “peculiarly free” by André Lichtschlag.

Apparently two too many for certain, ideologically hardened, ultra-left Wikipedia administrators - and authors who have set out to denigrate both publications with German doggedness.

Whether the libertarian East Prussian value conservative PAZ can sit on it? Does Vera Lengsfeld endanger the freedom of the press by putting eggs free in the PAZ corner and vice versa? And what do Henryk M. Broder and Junge Freiheit think about it? One can be curious. eifree itself, the free market of opinions is meanwhile deeply suspect, the invisible hand is supposed to be curbed by the big strong man who has been identified as Wikipedia's founding father Jimmy Wales:

We need your help so that the philosophy of freedom can also be duly represented in the German-language Wikipedia. We would like to ask you to give the truth about our magazine a chance and to put a stop to the aforementioned machinations.

For Wikipedia author Wiggum, the situation is as follows:

It is obvious that a peer group is to be mobilized. This does not only apply to peculiarly free (current issue with blasts like: "NSU precursor to left terrorism") or the Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung (subtitle: "Das Ostpreussenblatt") but also to other "politically incorrect" postils in which more or less regular "Correction" of Wikipedia is mobilized. All the same haze from right-wing conservative to right-wing extremist self-proclaimed libertarians who smell bans on thinking, “political correctness”, socialism and the downfall of the West in general.

Missing links can be found in the Wikipedia press review; SEO for the quoted is dispensed with. See also Wikipedia courier of November 16.

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Published 11/18/2012 at 11:32 am