Why do people mock the name Drumpf?

Campaign event in Mississippi - Donald Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser

Donald Trump takes no account of the ongoing investigations by the Federal Police FBI. In the midst of the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, the head of the White House takes the side of his candidate: the judge has led a blameless life and is being dragged into the mud out of nowhere. “His life is in pieces. His wife's life is in tatters, ”Trump calls out to his supporters on his campaign rally in Southaven, Mississippi.

The crowd hoots and applauds, and Trump goes one step further. Without mentioning Christine Blasey Ford's name, he mocks the woman who accuses Kavanaugh of robbing her and a friend at a high school party 36 years ago.

Like an actor, Trump stands in front of his supporters and imitates the professor answering the senators' questions in front of the judiciary committee: “How did you get into the house? I do not know. How did you get home I do not know. Where did the incident take place? I do not know. On what specific day did the attack take place? I don't know. "And looking at the other two women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Trump says," They are really bad people. "

Trump: "It's a difficult time for young men"

Even before he left Washington, Trump had lamented the social climate in America: “It's a difficult time for young men. Once charged, they are deemed guilty. It is not the plaintiff who has to substantiate his allegations, but the accused has to prove his innocence. "

Trump's subliminal attacks sparked a wave of indignation on Tuesday evening. Long-time Congressman Adam Schiff, for example, recalled earlier failures by the President: “Trump has just given Dr. Ford mocks a victim of sexual violence. We shouldn't be surprised, especially since he also mocked highly decorated veterans, the disabled and former prisoners of war. But it should also annoy us. "

Ford's lawyer speaks of a malicious attack

Ford's lawyer Michael Bromwich also considers the statements to be completely unacceptable: Trump's statements are a malicious and horrific attack on his client. Incidentally, Trump would make all victims of sexual violence aware of what they would have to expect if they went public with their allegations.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee reached an agreement with the White House last week to limit the FBI's new investigations into Kavanaugh to one week. The opposition considers this deadline to be insufficient, especially since not even the prosecutor Ford has yet been questioned by the federal police. In contrast, Mitch McConnell, Republican majority leader in the Senate, is pushing for a speedy vote on the judge.

Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court candidate, is charged by psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford of trying to rape her at a school party in the early 1980s.

By Stefan Koch / RND