What funny behaviors does your horse have

Riding therapy

Human history has been linked to that of horses for thousands of years. Horses stand for power, strength, endurance and beauty.

Horses are very social beings. As a flight animal, you have developed highly specialized perceptions and behaviors. Therefore, they can immediately perceive emotional areas of tension in their counterparts and in the environment and adjust accordingly. This ability of horses to constantly reflect our inner and outer posture offers a wonderful opportunity for personal development.

Riding as a physical connection to the nature of the horse - coming into harmony. To feel how your own thoughts are taken up by the horse and put into action. Find out how your own behavior is transferred to the horse.

Riding therapy hours 35, - € please speak to me.

What can be promoted in riding therapy?

  • Body awareness: In the rhythm of movement with the horse, people learn to feel their body, experience physical contact, learn to endure closeness and to give.
  • Emotions: The horse reflects emotions very directly and unadulterated and thus makes internal processes visible.
  • Social behavior: In contact with the horse, trust can be re-learned. This makes you feel welcome and understood.
  • Cognitive level: Riding promotes concentration and endurance.