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Relaxation in the company: Concepts and possible solutions / 2.2.3 Audiovisual relaxation systems

Study by Schwenninger Krankenkasse on the subject of relaxation with the audio-visual relaxation system BrainLight

Schwenninger Krankenkasse investigated the issue of relaxation for employees in the company during working hours in a study together with Furtwangen University. The starting point was the realization that the topic of mental illness or mental health is moving more and more into the focus of the health insurance companies and already made up the third largest group of the AU days in 2012. Schwenninger Krankenkasse wanted to take up this topic and analyze whether it is possible to minimize stress through the audio-visual relaxation system from BrainLight.

The test subjects came from all possible fields of activity, e.g. B. cleaning staff, kitchen staff, technicians, clerks and specialist managers. This was to find out whether the system might be more of a help to a commercial or a classic screen worker.

The study showed a significant reduction in the stress level of the test subjects after the relaxation session. The main parameter "stress index" showed a clear decrease in stress and an equally clear improvement in the subjects' general biofeedback. In 81% of the test persons, the stress index was reduced by 20% to 80% of the initial value.

Conclusion of the Schwenninger health insurance

The inhibition threshold to deal with the subject of relaxation in the company and one's own mental health (still a taboo subject in society) is much lower when the employee can simply "be massaged and sprinkled in an armchair" than when he or she can Must take courses on the subject.

Schwenninger Krankenkasse is so convinced of the system that it has now equipped all of its larger branches with BrainLight relaxation systems. For the smaller locations there is a rotating system that currently travels from office to office so that every employee can use the system on site. The employees of Schwenninger Krankenkasse, initially skeptical, are now convinced of this type of relaxation and like to use the system regularly.