Qnet company steals people's money

Script:Alfred Gough and Miles Millar
Director: Greg Beeman


- Rutger Hauer (Morgan Edge)
- Ryan Robbins

Clarck disappeared for 3 months. He's in Metropolis and is having a good time. He knocks down a couple of ATMs and
buys a Lamborghini with the money. Shortly afterwards he goes to a club. Where you apparently already know him. His company leaves him after a short time because he is a bit aggressive. After he leaves the club, he gets severe chest pain. The pain comes from his father's branding. Clark goes into a phone booth and takes off the red krypton rivet ring, whereupon the pain stops. So also call his parents briefly, but he says nothing.
The next day, Clark wiped out bank robbers in a bank. The police want to stop him and start firing, but the bullets ricochet off him. With the hindsight, Clarck blows up a police car and disappears. The Kents find out about the bank robbery but are powerless. A goose boss from Metropolis visits him in Clark's apartment and offers him a job. Lex survived the crash and is stranded on an island. He's going through there slowly and inventing a friend named Louis. There is an argument between the two and Lex is about to kill Louis. But suddenly a man appears and assures Lex that no one is there except him. This happens over the course of the episode. Meanwhile, Lex is symbolically buried in Metropolis. At the funeral, Lana sees Clarck in the crowd and he's awake again. Suddenly, Helen Luther comes to the memorial to also mourn, whereupon Lionel leaves the site. Afterwards Lionel waits for Helen in Lex Villa and accuses her of murdering his son, but she throws everything back on him. Because Lana was very sure that she saw Clark. Does she want to look for him. Chloe knows where Clark is and hides Lana what she is upset about. But after she knows his whereabouts she goes there to persuade him to come home. Meanwhile, Jonathen decided to do something. He goes to the cave to speak to Jor-El. This gives him super powers to get Clark back. Clark fulfills an assignment from Morgan Edge and steals something at Luther Corp. Jonathen goes there to stop Clark. The two fight against each other.