What is a telescope aperture


The starry sky can be viewed in all details with a telescope.
Binoculars are actually double telescopes.

A telescope is a telescope. This allows you to see things in the distance, such as planets, greatly enlarged. One then thinks that they are very close. The Greek word “téle” means distant, “skopein” means to look at.

In the past, telescopes were mainly used in seafaring. Today they need a lot of people to observe wildlife. Science is using ever larger telescopes. But there are also observatories that you can visit. There you can take a look into space under expert guidance.

But there is also something like a double telescope: the binoculars. In Switzerland they are called binoculars. The objects are thus enlarged separately for each eye. You can also adjust the sharpness individually, because most people do not see both eyes equally well.

How did the telescopes develop?

In 1608 a Dutchman invented the first telescope. It consisted of lenses made of glass, which he arranged in a tube. Later the lenses were improved and a semicircular mirror was added. Telescopes are still used today, which are also suitable for observing wild animals or for amateur astronomers.

Shortly before 1900, larger telescopes were built, which were increasingly called telescopes. They can't just capture visible light. They also recognize radiation that is invisible to our eyes. They can be used, for example, to find out what material is on a planet.

However, much of the radiation from space is changed by the air in the atmosphere. That is why there are telescopes in space today. They send their data to earth. There, computers combine the data into images.

  • An observer with his telescope

  • There is a rotating telescope under each of these domes.

  • The Hubble telescope in space