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In the region around Hampi we were often on the road by car. After all, we had our own driver and also from Sloth Bear Resort still "all inclusive" service. So we didn't have to rely on local transport and we always had our own private car. Actually it was a bit of a shame, because the street scenes that come up on a tour always invite you to linger or take photos. The best way to get around in and around Hampi is on a moped that you can ride in Hampi Bazaar can rent. You can see a lot of the young traveler scene driving around with it.

On the other hand, it was extremely hot and of course we enjoyed the air conditioning in the car. After a long tour of the Vittala Temple or a walk down the dusty main street in Hampi Bazaar it was a relief to cover the 15 kilometers to our hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.

What seems picturesque and exotic to us is hard everyday life for the people on the street. The peasants often ride standing proudly on their ox carts, reminding of the charioteers Ben Hur. The animals have brightly painted horns or jewelry on their dishes.

A music group met us on the descent, it was probably one of the numerous temple festivals. At the beginning of the small procession there was drumming and a few people dragged freshly slaughtered sheep after them.


Kamalapur, sometimes too Kamalapura or Kamalapuram written, is a small town in the Bellary District in Karnataka. It lies between Hospet with rail connection and the Traveler Paradise and UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi.

Something outside is that Kannada Universitywhich was founded in 1991. Here is in the local language Kannada Literature, tradition, culture and folklore of the ethnic group of around 38 million who live here Kannadigas taught.

But Kamalapur lives mainly from agriculture, rice, bananas and sugar cane are grown around the place. The water comes from a lake called Kamalapura Kere outside the city. Three large water reservoirs and a widely branched canal system ensure the distribution of water. Here people bathe, wash and fish - the full Indian country life.

Only tourist attraction in Kamalapur is the archaeological museum in the city. The temples of Hampi and the Tungabhadra River are in the north, most visitors just drive through here. It is worth stopping, because the place offers a lot of typical Indian life.

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