How can I get 85 points in PTE

English language level

The most trusted way to determine your level of English is to take a well-designed placement test. There are many tests to choose from, with the EF SET English test being a good start. You can use your EF SET score to certify your English proficiency on the resume or post it on LinkedIn. At the moment, the EF SET is the only standardized test that accurately measures all levels, from entry level to mother tongue, and complies with the internationally recognized standard, the Common European Framework of Reference (GER). Other standardized English tests may cover some levels, but not the full CEFR measure. If you use the EF SET to track your English proficiency over months or years, you have a standardized way of assessing your own progress.

Certification of your English level is often a requirement when applying to international universities, as well as when applying for a visa. In the job market, although there are hardly any official requirements, certification of your English level allows you to stand out from the crowd. But in general, accurately measuring your level of English and tracking your linguistic progress is important for anyone learning English. How else can you find out whether your language skills have also improved?