What are the ugliest countries

These are the 20 ugliest cities in the world

There are really cities that can be saved as a holiday destination. For some destinations, we think I would move here right away. Definitely a dream to live here. There are also cities where we ask ourselves why people don't move here immediately.

Of course, it's their home country and understandable that they don't immediately pack their bags and move to a more beautiful city, but some cities are not exactly the most popular when it comes to pollution and architecture. There are Germany, Poland and Venezuela as well as other cities. We have a list for you of the ugliest cities in the world.

1. Warsaw, Poland

The first item on our list of the “ugliest cities in the world” is the capital of Poland, namely Warsaw. With 1.7 million inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the country.

Opinions differ on the beauty of this city, because in a survey almost ten percent of all respondents stated that the capital of Poland is the city with the ugliest architecture. These gray prefabricated buildings are not for everyone. Maybe you just form your own opinion and travel to Poland on your next vacation. The city certainly has beautiful sides to discover.

Our list continues with number two of the ugliest cities in the world.

2. Madrid, Spain

We continue with number 2 and this is a capital again, this time that of Spain. After London and Berlin with around 3.2 million inhabitants, Madrid is the third largest city in the EU and the largest city in southern Europe, and of course you notice that too. Opinions differ greatly on Madrid's architecture.

Some love the imposing buildings and the lively and sometimes overcrowded streets. For others, the city with its white buildings is just too clean and unimaginative. The best thing to do is to get your own opinion and travel to Spain's capital next. Then you can decide for yourself whether you find your place in our list of the ugliest cities in the world justified.

3. Norilsk, Russia

This city is the northernmost city on earth and has 175,365 inhabitants. It's very cold here and the city is very polluted. There is a local nickel production here and the buildings are dirty and partly destroyed.

The city is one of the dirtiest cities in the world and the residents have to live with it. There is no more nature there. Most of the residents work for the large nickel producer "Norilsk Nickel". The company is one of the largest polluters in the Arctic region. The company is the largest producer of non-ferrous metals in the world. This makes this city number three of the ugliest cities in the world.

4. Manila, Philippines

Are you looking for a really crowded megacity? Which also has the narrowest streets in the world? Then you have come to the right place in Manila in the Philippines.

The city is very tightly built and there are crowds of people everywhere. 1.8 million people live here. There are 43,000 inhabitants per square meter. For you in comparison in the big city New York it is about half. You can safely save yourself this full city as a travel destination, because Manila doesn't have that much to offer architecturally either. Then better to Hong Kong, there is at least a lot to discover. That was our fourth place in the ugliest cities in the world.

5. Portland, Oregon

Opinion on this city in the USA is mainly divided by the “Portland Building” office building. This is a fifteen-story office building that opened in 1982.

Some find the beige block special and even refreshing in the landscape of Portland's architectural buildings. The other side says it doesn't exactly make the cityscape more beautiful. We also find the building by the architect Michael Graves unnecessary, because the city would certainly be lively without this block. The majority of tourists and residents see it that way too, making it number 5 of the ugliest cities in the world.

6. Pripyat, Ukraine

Now we have something really scary for you again, namely the city of Pripyat in the Ukraine. This ghost town was evacuated due to the Chernobyl accident in 1986. At the time of the disaster, around 49,360 people lived here. The uninhabitable city lies in the middle of the 30-kilometer zone around the reactor. With its gray facades, the city looks very dreary and lifeless.

The uninhabited buildings solidify this picture and make the city creepy and boring. Not really one of the most beautiful places on earth. Then maybe you prefer a nice beach holiday or in another big city? We continue with point 7 of the ugliest cities in the world.

7. Brisbane, Australia

Australia usually already has a bad reputation among tourists. Attacked by a crocodile, giant spiders in the toilet and dangerous scorpions. Nevertheless, Australia has one of the most beautiful landscapes ever and a vacation there is something very special.

The city that you can definitely save on your trip is Brisbane. Not everyone is in the mood for the same gray high-rise complexes. Not really the highlight of the Australian cities, where Sydney, for example, has so much more to offer. This makes Brisbane one of the ugliest cities in the world and can safely be skipped on your next trip to Australia.

8. Red Lake, Minnesota

This place is not exactly the place to be, namely the Red Lake in Minnesota. It is located in the north of the US state and on an Indian reservation. It even goes so far that the Washington Post has chosen the place as the place where you don't really want to live.

In addition, it is cold here from December to March between minus 16 and minus 19 degrees Celsius. You don't really want to do that to yourself or do we have to say more about it? This makes Red Lake in Minnesota our eighth place and also one of the ugliest cities in the world.

9. Charleroi, Belgium

There is at least one thing the residents can boast of, and that is the city of Charleroi in Belgium that has often been named the ugliest in the world. So, of course, it shouldn't be missing from our list.

Nevertheless, the city is the third largest municipality in Belgium and has 201,816 inhabitants. The city has many different but unsightly architectural buildings that make the appearance idiosyncratic and not particularly pretty. In fact, most of the buildings are gray or brown and aren't exactly eye-catchers. The airport is no different from that either. It is gray and dreary and with its pink label it attracts attention rather negatively. We continue with tenth place.

10. London, UK

I'm sure a lot of you will scream out now and say: “Why London? This city is beautiful and yet has a very special architecture ”. That's true, but it's more part of a really beautiful city.

Unfortunately, the cleanliness is criticized again and again in this big city and with the many tourists that is no wonder. Of course, this does not completely leave the cityscape behind. Here the city should definitely attack and do something about the polluted streets. In Singapore, for example, it's so clean that you could practically lick it off the floor. London should take an example from this!

11. Los Angeles, USA

For many of you, it will come as a great surprise that we count Los Angeles on our list of the ugliest cities in the world. Anyone who has ever been able to look behind the scenes and perhaps even been away from the tourist hotspots will admit that we are right.

Away from Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, etc., the city is not that beautiful at all. The slums are sometimes separated according to origin, age, education and income and sometimes even with a fence or a wall. The density of the population and the extreme traffic make the city suffer with high levels of air pollution.

12. Houston, USA

It's true, this town hasn't had an easy time of it lately. Numerous hurricanes made Houston in the USA to create and partly destroyed the cityscape. The big city in the American state of Texas wasn't one of the most beautiful cities in the United States even before that.

The city is not exactly one of the greenest and the gray concrete blocks do not make the cityscape more beautiful either. In addition, around a fifth of the population live below the poverty line. The gray skyscrapers do not offer much variety and thus the city looks rather gray and dreary. This makes it twelfth on our list of the ugliest cities in the world.

13. Caracas, Venezuela

This city is considered the most dangerous place (apart from war zones) in the world and unfortunately not the most beautiful either. The crime rate is extremely high: with 120 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, 98% of which remain unsolved, we are not surprised that this city is one of the most dangerous.

We are not surprised that the US even advises its tourists not to travel to Caracas. To make matters worse, Venezuela is one of the worst tourist destinations in the world due to its poor transport options and the hostility of its residents towards tourists.

This makes Caracas our thirteenth place on the list of the ugliest cities in the world. A goal that you can safely save yourself.

14. Detroit, Michigan, USA

Unfortunately, we have to include Detroit on our list too. We know this is the hometown of US rapper Eminem. Still, we cannot protect the city. The buildings are just plain dreary and have nothing to offer. The auto metropolis is repeatedly in the media because of its high crime rate.

There are an average of 350 murders each year (apart from arson, assault and other acts of violence). So it's no wonder that Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Crime is prevalent mainly in the slums and they look accordingly dreary and shabby. Detroit is now on our list of the ugliest cities in the world.

15. Mexico City, Mexico

The extreme population also makes this city to create and so it is unfortunately not a beautiful sight. The megacity seems to almost collapse under its size. Almost 9 million people live in Mexico City (there are even 20 million in the entire region), making Mexico City an incredibly large metropolis.

The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the other parts of the city are far from beautiful. There are problems with waste disposal, air pollution, the enormous volume of traffic and many other problems mean that Mexico City is also on our list, making it one of the ugliest cities in the world.

16. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest city in Brazil has 11 million inhabitants just in the city! These are housed in endless high-rise complexes. But that is not the main problem in the Brazilian city. Pollution is also a huge problem.

Starting with high pollution of the air and water. In addition, there is the noise pollution, which causes problems for the residents, and the emissions from the heavy traffic. The city still has problems with the disposal of garbage and sewage. This main problem is particularly noticeable in the city's rivers. The Rio Tietê and the Rio Pinheiros are full of heavy metals and biologically dead. If you want to swim in these rivers, you risk your health.

17. Luanda, Angola

With the capital of Angola, Luanda is also on our list of the ugliest cities. It is the most expensive city in Africa. The city is growing all the time and nobody knows exactly how many residents actually live there at the moment. It's probably around ten million.

The increase is constantly increasing and the extensive slums are now settling in front of the gates. The drinking water supply is a major problem there. Cholera epidemics are threatened because the water is unclean. The city is characterized by numerous high-rise buildings for the poor. Unfortunately, these many problems also make the city one of the ugliest in the world.

18. Ludwigshafen, Germany

But we don't have to travel far to see ugly cities. You can also find them on site with us. In Germany, Ludwigshafen is at the top of the list. The city actually only consists of the BASF plant.

So the industry practically paints the cityscape. There are some gray prefabricated buildings and the city center is not exactly nice either. In the Ludwigsburg area there is also a popular whisper that there are only bridges here so that the residents can flee to Mannheim. Even the locals admit that it is a really ugly city and so the title and place on our list is really justified.

19. Bitterfeld, Germany

Another German city that bears the title of the ugliest city in the world is Bitterfeld. The name already arouses various associations and is not exactly positive. During the GDR era, the city was one of the dirtiest, as it was also the center of the chemical industry and did not have adequate environmental protection measures. The environmental pollution is therefore also a huge problem for this German city.

In the past there was even a gray-brown-greenish veil over the city and it also ran through the landscape and architecture. Not exactly a pretty sight and thus our nineteenth place in the list of the ugliest cities in the world.

20. Brussels, Belgium

The feedback from tourists about the capital of Belgium is rather negative, most of them find the city boring and nothing special. There is really not much to see here and most of the buildings are unspectacular and gray.

Driving in this city is also a disaster. These are reasons enough to include this city on our list of the ugliest cities. There are really nicer cities in Belgium that are worth visiting and maybe you can then form your own opinion about Brussels.

However, there is one thing we do not recommend driving through or in Brussels.