Getting a doctor hectic in India

Indian medicine instead of oenology

As soon as you arrive, you can already guess that you can give up your hectic everyday life here at the gate. In front of a wooded slope is a picturesque half-timbered house with an Art Nouveau extension, a quiet, idyllic park with old trees extends to the right and left, including an imposing, church-tower-high sequoia tree.

Everything in the Parkschlösschen is Ayurvedic

The need for rest for body and mind is also the reason for most of the guests who come to Traben-Trabach in the Parkschlösschen from all over Germany and Europe. Many of them go on a Panchakarma regimen, detoxification therapy including alcohol and coffee abstinence, enemas and diet.

The special thing about the Parkschlösschen: everything here is Ayurvedic. The former spa house acquired in 1990 by the industrialist family Preuss has been rigorously rebuilt and designed according to Ayurvedic principles, including the correct east-west alignment of the beds, the color scheme and the insulation of electrical and water pipes.

The vegetarian cuisine in the five-star hotel also follows Ayurvedic principles - you don't believe how good light food can taste, far from bland health and diet food.

Medical team coordinates the treatment plan

The therapy, which is coordinated by a team made up of an Indian Ayurveda master - the Vaidya (knowing) -, an Indian Ayurveda doctor and a German doctor with additional qualifications in Ayurveda, naturopathy, pain and physiotherapy, are Ayurvedic anyway. It starts with the pulse diagnosis.

After a quick look at the questionnaire I filled out earlier, Dr. Gerd-Steffen Bigus asked to take a seat on a lounger. He takes my left hand, puts his fingers gently on the pulse and looks concentrated: "Your pitta is way too high!" Is his conclusion.

This is typical when there is too much stress, which at first doesn't surprise me. But then he outlines my condition quite accurately, far beyond what he was able to learn from the questionnaire. I am also rotated, pulled and stretched in order to compensate for differences in leg length, and asked about the cracking of my jaw joint that was barely perceived until now.

This is where physiotherapeutic measures come into play for me.

In general, based on the pulse diagnosis and the physical examination, the Dosha type (Vata, Pitta, Kapha, mixed types) is determined in all patients and where there are currently disorders. This results in the individual course of the therapy. It is well known that the doshas describe the fundamental rule systems of Ayurveda, which must be kept in balance through prevention and therapy.

Also physiotherapeutic measures

In order to achieve this balance even better, physiotherapeutic measures have recently been integrated into the overall Ayurvedic concept in the Parkschlösschen.

"With the help of physiotherapy, we can help many guests to regain the desired muscular activity, as is necessary in Ayurveda for yoga exercises, for example, but also for physiotherapy, Rolfing or other types of exercise," explains Dr. Bigus.

In comparison, Ayurvedic massages intervene more in the metabolism - from detoxification to deacidification and the harmonization of the individual doshas.

"Here we have the opportunity, especially with chronic complaints and changes, to approach the metabolism of the disturbed muscle and the whole body conceptually with Ayurvedic methods as well as to achieve relaxation of largely all muscles through vegetative control," says the doctor convinced.

Ayurveda cure offers in Germany

Parkschlösschen in Traben-Trabach, T: 0 65 41/7 05 - 0, Ayurveda clinic in the Habichtswaldklinik, Kassel Bad-Wilhelmshöhe, T: 0 56 13/1 08 99, www.ayurveda-klinik. de AUM-Kurzentrum in Pfedelbach-Gleichen, T: 0 79 49/5 90, Maharishi Ayurveda, Bad Ems Private Clinic, T: 0 26 03/94 07 - 0

In general, it takes time for old movement patterns and muscular imbalances to be resolved - that cannot be achieved simply by staying in the Parkschlösschen.

Even physiotherapy works better when you are at rest

"But we have made the experience that the relaxed atmosphere in the house and the all-round concept ensure that the physiotherapy is much more successful than in normal everyday life, when patients quickly between children and work or still with a cell phone to their ears and their heads full of appointments come rushed to physiotherapy. "

According to Bigus, humans are not machines. Every stimulus in our environment has an influence on it, which is reflected in the entire body. In this respect, the Parkschlösschen offers a favorable constellation.

The result: "Many guests who initially say that they have already tried everything and that they have a great physiotherapist at home have the AHA effect: Man, there is still something going on!" Adds the agile physiotherapist Ruth Mausbach not only loosens up the guests with expert hands, but also with her Rhenish charm.

Days fly by and end with the "champagne"

For me, the next few days fly by with four-handed full-body massages combined with rice stamps (Pinda-Sveda), relaxing foot massage, yoga, physiotherapy treatments and quiet walks.

You end every evening with a glass of Ayurveda tea or "house sparkling wine", as the freshly boiled hot water that is offered everywhere is cheekily called.

After three days I set off again into my packed everyday life - but relaxed like after a week's vacation, with the recipe for the delicious warm muesli with steamed fruit in the bag, many exercises for the neck and back as well as the resolute resolution, everything a little more relaxed to tackle.