What is the middle of the earth

What does it look like in the center of the earth?


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What does it look like in the center of the earth?

Like an onion, the earth consists of several pods lying on top of each other. Outside the earth's crust, then the earth's mantle and finally the earth's core. What does it look like in this core of the earth? Janine from Erfurt asks what it looks like in the center of the earth. The answer comes from Dr. Rainer K├Âthe, author of "Our Earth".

The earth's core follows after the earth's crust and mantle. Here the rock is initially liquid. The researchers assume that it consists of iron combined with oxygen and sulfur. Since the temperatures are between 3,700 and 4,600 degrees Celsius, the compound is fluid. This iron "ocean" envelops the inner core of the earth. Which consists of solid metal and extends to the center of the earth.

This inner earth core consists of a huge ball made of solid metal. It has a diameter of around 2,000 kilometers and consists mainly of iron and nickel metal.

Normally, the metals would be at this depth at the enormous temperatures - they are around 5000 degrees Celsius and have long since evaporated. But because of the gigantic pressure in the earth's core, the iron has not even melted.

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