Who is the least attractive BTS member?

The least popular BTS member will surprise you

How AllKPop Lim Sung-Soon, the director of the Korean Language Research Institute, shared how BTS (and currently) has BTS in September 2020. "[Redefining] hegemonic / westernized standards of beauty," Jungkook highlighted as the new "James Dean" of the male beauty paradigm.

According to KPopMapHowever, it is BTS member Suga who most clearly defies standards of beauty in the K-pop industry, which typically idolizes "pale white skin and big eyes with double eyelids." Indeed, the Lionization of these homogenized characteristics is what the South china morning post and countless post-colonial scholars attributed to the glorification of Western (read: white) standards of beauty are part of the reason cosmetic surgery has become an institution in South Korea where cosmetic procedures are also viewed as a means of raising social capital.

However, J-Hope's failure to adhere to these beauty standards provides no unequivocal explanation as to why he has consistently been ranked as one of the least popular members of the supergroup. (Aside from Suga, only BTS bandmate Jimin was viewed as another member of the troupe who violated general Western, male beauty criteria, at least in publications available in English.) But while the final reason for J-Hope's comparison was The Deficiency popularity could be elusive. It is safe to say that understanding the historical forces that produced it could help us all reconsider these standards first - if at all, it is at least a start.