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Performance of the traditional Javanese dance theater Wayang Orang

Wayang Orang is a dance theater with a long tradition that originated around 300 years ago at the courts of Java. The genre combines dance, theater, music, language and images into a total work of art. It shows episodes from the great epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, which originally came from India and have been handed down in Indonesia since the 9th century, where they were further developed independently in terms of literature and performing arts. In the first half of the 20th century, the courtly wayang orang reached its highest level of refinement. With the independence of Indonesia (1945) a certain democratization of the genre began; for now show stages were being formed for an urban audience that at that time - in the time before the spread of television - valued this form of entertainment very much. Currently, only three of these stages remain in the cities of Jakarta, Solo and Semarang. However, there are signs that interest in the Wayang Orang dance theater is resurrecting. Wayang Orang dance studios are founded in private as well as state sponsorship, art lovers campaign for the preservation of the cultural heritage, foundations and even international schools and universities have put the Wayang Orang on their agenda. They support performances at home and abroad in order to preserve this art form and make it known worldwide.


Organizer: Diaspora Indonesia in Bremen e.V.