Why does the Hulk hate Bruce banners

Why is Hulk's behavior inconsistent in the Avengers movie?

The big difference between the two incidents (for me without considering the potential influence of employees) is that one of the transformations is voluntary and the other is not.

People haven't gone into the details of why this matters, but I'll:

When Banner transforms into the Helicarrier, he does so out of anger and frustration at the lies and arguments he was involved in as part of the group, the deception he feels about the Hulk cage, and Tony's derogatory remarks. He has no focus and just lets his anger out on whatever he can. It is an anger that im just out of the situation General arises that caused the transformation. This resembles the Hulks 'anger over Thaddeus' uninterrupted attempts to hunt him down and his frustration at having to keep hiding.

When Banner turns against the Chitauri, he has a focus and a purpose and channels his ubiquitous anger towards them. Yes, he lets go of Thor once, but only when he's safe. He does not have the same general, widespread anger to focus on (which he apparently cannot control), but triggers his anger by focusing it on the Chitauri. It is crucial. He knows what to do before he transforms. This is the kind of situation like in The Incredible Hulk vs Abomination movie.

It is the anger you get when you find yourself in a fight and reacting madly. This is not the same as getting mad at the circumstances you are in.


"Anger and Frustration"? Banner transforms on board the helicopter because he Is in pain and he does not have the opportunity to finish everything with meditation until it is too late.