Why is Rahul Gandhi in politics

Next Gandhi conquers politics

Many see Priyanka as the next-generation hope of India's largest opposition party. Although she had already been promoting the Congress party vigorously for both her brother and her mother Sonia Gandhi, she had always refused to become a politician herself.

But Priyanka Gandhi seems to just fly the fans. Her popularity ratings are high, and many compare her to her popular grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. That should be good for the image of the congress party, which has been battered since the last election. In 2014, the INC lost office to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been in power since then, and his right-wing conservative and Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata (BJP).

"The next Indira Gandhi"

Since then, the INC and Rahul Gandhi have found it difficult to recover from their political defeat. Even in regional elections, the Congress party no longer shone like it used to. Priyanka Gandhi, however, is considered more respected than her brother and could turn things around. Rahul Gandhi is accused of “colorlessness”, as the BBC recently reported.

In any case, many Indians on social networks have been enthusiastic about the rumors about Priyanka Gandhi's entry into politics over the past few weeks. In mid-January, the INC. The party said Priyanka will start work in February. As a result, the users could no longer be stopped. For several days, posts about Priyanka Gandhi were one of the top topics on Twitter in India. Numerous commentaries referred to her as "the next Indira Gandhi".

Praise from brother and party friends

Rahul Gandhi told the media that he was "very happy" that the 47-year-old would be at his side in the May election campaign. His sister is "very competent". Many at the INC have wished for years that Priyanka Gandhi would become a major force in the party.

The fact that it is currently taking on a leading role in Uttar Pradesh seems to have been a strategic decision: The state with 200 million inhabitants sends the largest number of politicians - 80 members - to parliament in New Delhi.

BJP: Concession by the Congress Party

Naturally, Priyanka Gandhi's appointment met with enthusiasm, especially within the party and among supporters. However, criticism came from the BJP. Sambit Patra, a spokesman for the BJP, described Priyanka Gandhi's move into politics as a concession by the Congress party, since Rahul Gandhi had failed as party leader.

Heir to the Nehru Gandhi dynasty

The Nehru Gandhi family has dominated the Congress Party for most of the time since India gained independence, including today as the country's largest opposition party. However, the family has nothing to do with the resistance fighter Mahatma Gandhi, there is no relationship. The political family achieved cult status especially in less developed areas of India, where Priyanka Gandhi's father Rajiv and her paternal grandmother, Indira, had won several elections. Both Rajiv and Indira were Indian prime ministers and were murdered.

Rajiv Gandhi died at an election rally by a suicide bomber. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards on her way to a BBC interview with director Peter Ustinov in 1984. Gandhi had previously refused to dismiss her Sikh bodyguards despite ethnic clashes, arguing that India was a secular state.

Even husband does not rule out going into politics

Priyanka Gandhi was born as the second child of Rajiv Gandhi and his Italian-born wife Sonia. She grew up in New Delhi and studied psychology at the University of Delhi. Priyanka Gandhi is married to businessman Robert Vadra. The couple have two children.

Her husband is accused of misconduct in his real estate business in the states of Haryana and Rajasthan. Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi rejected the allegations and dismissed them as a “political witch hunt” by the BJP. In an interview with the Times of India, Vadra said that he too could imagine going into politics if the family supported it.