What is Vijay Mallya doing these days

Indian judiciary declares Vijay Mallya a criminal

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Force India owner and team boss Vijay Mallya is getting more and more distressed in the conflict with the Indian judiciary. As it became known on Thursday, a court declared the 60-year-old multimillionaire a "declared criminal" and put him under pressure with the possible loss of his fortune. The decision allows Mallya, who has since fled to Great Britain, 30 days, according to the country's law, to return to India.

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Vijay Mallya's anger with the Indian judiciary is becoming increasingly critical zoom

Otherwise, the authorities are authorized to dispose of Vijay Mallya's property, at least in part. To what extent this also concerns the Formula 1 team, which is based in Silverstone and not in India or is legally located, is currently not known. But the fact is that his cricket team, football clubs and various companies would be affected. Some of his properties have already been confiscated, and India is currently seeking extradition proceedings.

Mallya is accused of a lack of cooperation in repaying the debts of his airline Kingfisher, which went bankrupt in 2012, in the amount of 1.2 billion euros. He himself denies this number and speaks of a significantly lower sum. The Force India team boss also speaks of an unprecedented "witch hunt" against him, which forced him to leave India, even if he denied fleeing.