How do I make a comfortable life

3 ways that let you enjoy your beautiful life

A few years ago I decided: I want to enjoy my beautiful life.
Come what may.

Yesterday a friend said to me on Skype:
Ina, I keep wondering what lightness I feel every time I'm near you.
Then I have the feeling that not only can you enjoy your beautiful life, but me too!
How do you do that?

At first I was happy, of course, then it occurred to me that I hear that more often and then,
that it is exactly what most of the people I know want it to be.
That they can enjoy their beautiful life.
So I gave the question from my friends some time.

Enjoy my beautiful life - how do I do it?


First I noticed:
1) We take a lot of things too seriously

We sink with our attention in daily chores,
in the details and forget to look at the big picture.
The things that make it possible for us to be here in the first place.

As a coach for THE WORK, I work with blocking beliefs
and very often a structure appears with clients that is:
"If then"
"Only when I have done and achieved this and that and that,
only when I am better, more effective and freer, then I can ... "up to:
"Only when I have the right partner can my love flow properly ..."

With this they always postpone their beautiful life until later. At a point in time
which lies in the unknown time in the future. Now and here they have to wean themselves off
so that they feel better later. That still sounds like a light version to my ears
the Christian conception of paradise: here on earth to scrape off and limit,
so that afterwards the roasted pigeons fly into my mouth by themselves.
Enjoy my beautiful life? Yes. But later.

How would my life be without the thought that I still have to ... (what is it with you?)
before I can immediately enjoy everything that comes before my eyes and under my fingers?


Look for a mental perspective that lets you see your life as a whole.
I look at the sky sometimes and beyond. As far as I can.
Then I am a living being on planet earth and am amazed that I am allowed to experience that.
With all the ups and downs. It feels easy and free, yes, I even feel gratitude.


2) We take on everything possible, are seldom satisfied

Always with a view to the future. And forget that so much is already working here right now.
The earth carries us. Chairs, armchairs, houses carry us. There is enough oxygen.
Yes, even more than we need, our skin holds our innermost parts together, our organs.
The blood flows through our veins without us having to worry about it.
There is always a living being to talk to. I just need to speak to someone.
Everyone who reads this has had enough to eat. Usually more than enough.
At least half are even more likely to try to curb themselves willingly.

When I can perceive and feel that, I already feel well taken care of. Supported.
It is much easier to plan something for my beautiful life on this basis.
I don't need to act out of a sense of lack. I don't need to be afraid.
I don't have to achieve that much. Much is good the way it is.
Feel free to find three personal examples from your life.

What's good the way it is?

Enjoy your beautiful life - the way

Maybe you can even find more than three examples?
If you like, write me one in the comment field at the end of the article. 🙂

Here is an excerpt from my examples:
- I have a roof over my head
- I have hands to feel, touch, sense
- I can read and find my way around strange cities
- Music triggers feelings in me that I can enjoy
- I can travel the world, even with little money

Couldn't it be that everything is already fine the way it is?

Tip 1:

Pause for a moment. Perceive what is already there.
Feel yourself and your body without doing anything extra.
How your breathing is going, your hands are feeling like your feet are touching the ground.
Be aware of it for a moment without judging it. How does that feel?
Then look what your eyes can see. What is everything in your field of vision?
Colors, shapes, something moves. You don't need anything to perceive all of this.
And if you don't add anything mentally to what you see, you see it pure. The wealth of the world.
Your beautiful life - there is already so much.

Tip 2:

Take yourself and everything around you for a day (maybe longer) as it is.
Do not doctor yourself, do not criticize anyone, feel your fresh impulses and let yourself be as you are.
You are good enough You are sufficient. Nothing has to be different from what it is right now. Let loose.
(And write me how it was)

to the seminar: "Make it easy for yourself"

3) We look for happiness outside.

Somebody or something should make me happy.
A friend should agree with me (but it is not always)
my boss should appreciate my work (but he doesn't notice),
my husband should please love me and take me for who I am (but he doesn't manage that every day)
and other people shouldn't talk badly of me.

And when I don't get that, I'm upset, don't like myself, doubt
and reproach me and / or the other. It doesn't feel like a good life.
We need something from someone all the time. We are always dependent on it.

In the end, people just want to please themselves.
And because he can't manage to give it to himself, he demands it from others.

Enjoy your beautiful life - with yourself

Learn to be comfortable with yourself. That is the best love affair. Without going through the others.
Then the others are free, do not have to meet your expectations
and feel good around you.
You are full of love no matter what the others do.


Take care of yourself for a week. Yes! You around you. Do things that are good for you.
And also pay attention to the little things. You don't always have to buy a pair of shoes right away.
You can look at yourself in the mirror for a while, just sit and breathe,
Feel your body for a minute, enjoy your tea / coffee,
Move and only pay attention to the well-being in the body. (sometimes not on performance).
What are these things that are good for you? You can also make a list ...

In the evening you could treat yourself to a review of the day and five minutes
Let your thoughts wander into the past day:

- Where did I like myself today?
- What felt good today?
- What was I really good at today?

What kind of wellbeing can you give yourself? For YOUR beautiful life?

Which of the three ways would you like to try out?
Which one speaks to you the most?

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