What are Google Chrome notifications

Google Chrome: How to turn off push notifications

Kris Wallburg

Push notifications can be annoying in the long run. We'll show you how to disable notifications in your Chrome browser on Windows and Mac.

EnlargeGoogle Chrome is now the most popular internet browser in the world
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Push notifications can be handy for keeping up to date on your favorite topics. If you have subscribed to too many pages or pushes are sent in too frequent a sequence, you can also be annoying.

Deactivate push notifications in Google Chrome - on Windows and MacOs:

Notifications can be easily deactivated in Chrome, both for individual websites and completely. The principle is the same under MacOS and Windows, so the following instructions work under both operating systems:

For single pages:

Open your Chrome browser and click the three dots in the top right corner. Then click on Settings. Select the "Privacy and Security" category on the left. Then look for the "website settings" (relatively high up). All websites that you have given permissions to in the past are listed here.

EnlargeAll websites to which you have already granted permissions are listed here.

Click the website that you no longer want to be notified from. In the list of permissions, look for "Notifications" and select "Block" from the drop-down menu. You can now close the settings or go back one menu item and repeat the step for other websites.

EnlargeYou can prohibit push notifications for each website individually.

Deactivate push notifications completely:

To completely deactivate push notifications under Google Chrome, first open your Chrome browser. Click on the three dots in the top right and open the settings. On the left, look for the "Privacy and Security" category. Find the "Website Settings" item and click on it. At the bottom of this menu you will find some settings under the heading "Contents". One of them is called "Pop-ups and Redirects". Click on it. Now you can toggle between "Blocked" and "Allowed" using the button.

EnlargeAt this point you can completely deactivate notifications under Chrome