How does Filipino culture affect society

The German-Philippine Society

Notes on using the signpost

The Signposts area provides an overview of information on the subject of integration and diversity in Frankfurt am Main. The signpost is designed in such a way that visitors can determine for themselves which content is visible. With the help of thematic filters and the selection of content types, you can reduce the number of hits and thus find the information you want more quickly. A search function is also available in the header of the page. Content that is linked to a location in Frankfurt is also shown on the diversity map.

What do the symbols and colors mean?

All contents of the guide are assigned to so-called content types. Each content type corresponds has its own icon and color. News are orange, events are red, offers are blue, etc. So you can see at a glance what type of information is hidden behind a tile.

How can I switch between tile and list view?

In addition to the tile view, you can also display the contents in a compressed list view. Please select the symbol with the list view directly above the tiles.

How can I sort the contents?

You can sort the content alphabetically or according to topicality at any time. Please use the "A-Z" and "Current" buttons above the tiles or list.

How do I activate and deactivate filters and options?

The selection is activated by clicking on a filter or sub-filter. The selection is then highlighted in blue. Clicking the filter again cancels the selection. For the options, please use the selection in the opened menu.

How can I combine filters and content types?

You can combine the filters and sub-filters each with a content type. To do this, please first select the filter or sub-filter and then click on a content type. Of course, you can also click on a content type without a selected filter.

How else can I look for content?

Another way to search for content is to enter search terms directly in the head of the website. As you enter, you will receive a list of suggestions with possible hits that you then only need to click on. But you can also press the Enter key and you will then receive a complete list of your search results. The search function includes both the titles of the individual articles and the keywords stored in each case.

Diversity card

In addition to the tiles and lists, there is also the option of finding the content using the “Diversity Map”. To do this, select the "Diversity Map" button above the option on the left. The color of the circles shown corresponds to the colors of the content types (see above). The size of the circles is based on the number of contents at the respective location.

To illustrate this, here is another example:

You are looking for information concerning residence in Germany.

Set the filter "Immigration & Residence" on the left under "Filter". If you want to refine your search further, select a content type, e.g. offers or dates. Another possibility to refine your search is that you select further "options", e.g. your district or an offer in your language.

Especially for new Frankfurters there is the possibility to select the option “New in Frankfurt”. You will then only see offers that are of particular interest to new residents.

Alternatively, enter appropriate keywords in the search in the header of the page, e.g. stay. During the typing a list of suggestions appears. By pressing the Enter key, the entire result of your search is displayed.

Gender disclaimer

To improve the readability of this website, headings, short texts and links are not gender-specific. The male form chosen in these cases always equally includes female persons.