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Who we are and what we want
The Stettenbund is the association of former students of the grammar school and the secondary school of the A.B. von Stetten Institute. Friends and sponsors of the schools are also accepted as members.

The Stettenbund was founded on June 17, 1916 by, among others, Rector Raimund Lembert, former headmaster, Pastor Schiller, representative of the administration, and Ms. Rosette Reimer, first chairwoman.

The first declaration of membership reads “The purpose of the association is to connect the former students with themselves and with the school where they received part of their education ... This connection also has the advancement of its members in mind as well as the well-being and growth of the school ... "


Maintaining contacts
Even today we hold on to the long tradition and maintain intensive contact with each other and with the school. So we meet regularly twice a year in Stetten, namely at Federal Festivaland brunch. Many of our long-term members and the respective anniversary years come together at the federal festival in spring. For the younger members and the graduating classes, there is a cozy brunch in November.


Support from members and school
At the graduation ceremonies of grammar school and secondary school, the Stettenbund honors schoolgirls who have shown particular commitment during their school days, e. B. in choir, orchestra, theater, SMV or otherwise.

We were able to help generously with the general renovation of the main building through our membership fees and donations:

  • Establishment of two workrooms
  • Acquisition of a ceramic kiln


New members are always welcome! You are welcome to fill out our membership declaration here:

The annual fee is at least 12 euros, for students and members in vocational training 6 euros. Donations are welcome and tax deductible, as the Stettenbund is recognized as a non-profit association.


Federal Festival: Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 3 p.m. in the Barbara Hall

The board of directors:Ulrike Brock, 1st chairwoman, Gerlinde Ströer, 2nd chairwoman

stettenbund (at)