What are some facts about Etihad Airways

Interesting facts about reputable airlines

Renowned airlines are considered a privilege for well-heeled passengers. But the varied offers and the exemplary service offer exciting opportunities for guests of all kinds. Find out here why the luxury airlines are doing so well in times of cheap flights.

Visit Doha with Qatar Airways

All passengers feel very welcome at the Qatari airline. Gifts, such as a toiletry bag with useful little things, let you feel that you are a valued guest.

If you are in Doha for more than five hours, you can take a two and a half hour sightseeing tour with a guide provided by Qatar Airways. Explore the city's historic buildings and go shopping in a souk. Qatar Airways takes responsibility for the visa during the tour, which costs only a few euros and is absolutely worth it.

Experience Abu Dhabi with Etihad

The Etihad airline has come up with something special to promote the capital of Abu Dhabi. Anyone who chooses a one-day layover in the city can stay at a selected hotel for free. Only the city tax, which is very low, has to be paid by yourself.

You can even choose from the hotels that meet the highest standards. For example the Hotel Royal Meridien, a five-star hotel in the city center with a 360-degree rotatable restaurant with a breathtaking view.

Comfortable stay in Guangzhou with China Southern Airlines

Do you have a layover at the airline's impressive airport in Guangzhou? Then get to know Guangdong Province better.

China Southern Airlines gives you a free stay in a selected hotel, depending on the class of the flight booked. So you can get to know China without an extra trip or without a visa.

In-flight entertainment in a class of its own with Virgin Atlantic

In addition to the conventional TV program, you can expect the latest series, animated films and video games with Virgin Airlines. In a multiplayer mode, you can even play against other passengers.

The safety briefings are also much more entertaining here than on cheap flights. All important information is brought closer to you in an interesting way via a film on the passenger screens.

Good prospects with Emirates

Look forward to a real highlight when you fly with Emirates. An award-winning entertainment system offers passengers something far more exciting than movies and games.

Every passenger can marvel at the live broadcast from three on-board cameras via the passenger screens. One of them shows the view of the pilot, one is used as a ground camera for a spectacular bird's eye view and one shows the aircraft in the middle of the magnificent cloud formations. Time flies by.

Special service for special occasions

Magnum Air, also known as SkyJet Airlines, is giving you a birthday trip. If you are traveling with someone who pays the full fare, you can fly there and back for free on a selected flight for the month of your birthday.

If you get married, Ukraine International Airlines will make your honeymoon more sweet. Book the outward flight within three months of the wedding and the return flight within six months and save 25%. A 20% discount is waiting for you on birthdays and various anniversaries.

All Nippon Airlines and Japan Airlines offer every birthday child with up to three companions a domestic flight for only 12,000 yen (less than 100 euros) per person if they travel within a week of their birthday.

Birthday party above the clouds? No problem with Turkish Airlines! If you register your birthday in advance, you will receive a birthday cake for free if you fly up to three days before or after your special day.

For only $ 20 you can get a birthday cake with a label and two glasses of champagne from Sri Lanka Airlines.

GIVT wishes you a pleasant journey with great service and great surprises. If, despite choosing a well-known airline, you should be dissatisfied, our team of experts will be happy to advise you on your options.

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