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No. 01/2018

Last revision: June 16, 2018

Bulletin of Brandenburg

Hiking and Mountaineering Association V.

- Regional professional association for hiking and mountaineering -


In and out of court, our president, sports friend Hans Palm and the vice-president, sports friend Bernhard Laws, represent our association in accordance with the statutes.

The staffing of the positions is defined as follows:
Hans Palm: President

Bernhard Laws: Vice President and State Specialist for Mountain Sports

Jutta Metzler: Treasurer

Frank Bosdorf: Secretary

Karl-Heinz Schmiedeke: Media / Public Relations / Märkischer Wanderbote

Bringfried Werk: Landeswegewart

Ulla Mertzky: Provincial warden for central events

Rolf Doßmann: Provincial warden training and further education

Peter Porst: State warden for environmental and nature protection

These elected members of the Presidium work independently within their department (also department-related outside the BWBV). For all cross-departmental issues, coordination between the responsible presidium members is required. When solving tasks that have or could have contractual or / and financial consequences for the BWBV, the consent of the legal representative of the BWBV must be obtained.

Task solutions that result from vacant positions are also taken over temporarily by other Presidium members or representatives from the Presidium, if necessary.

Irrespective of this, at the regional association day on June 24, 2017
Marina Hentschke and Detlef Krause elected as auditors.


All activities carried out by sports and hiking enthusiasts of the member associations of the Brandenburgischer Wandersport- und Bergsteiger-Verband e. V. (BWBV for short) are carried out with the aim of maintaining health and promoting health through continuous movement of the participants. Participation should be financially and socially acceptable for every active person.

As BWBV, we expressly distance ourselves from commercial offers from tourist agencies and private hiking guides.
There tours with time limits based on hourly fees (approx. 10 euros per hour and per participant) are requested, and for day tours, entry fees in the medium double-digit range have already been requested. It has become known to be 15 to 59 euros per tour and participant without the granting of ancillary services. Strangely enough, there are enough interested parties who also pay for it.

However, according to our statutes, we do not pursue any economic purpose to increase the club's income with our tours. Our hiking guides work on a voluntary basis and often do not even get their financial expenses back. Your time investment is also not rewarded.

For us, hiking should not turn into a luxury leisure activity. The slogan "Pleasure hiking" issued by tourism, including the German Hiking Association, primarily means enjoying nature for us. However, depending on the tour and the accommodation, this can also include a visit to a restaurant. However, we are not planning a targeted visit to localities with a short walk. We focus on moving with the feet.

New data protection guidelines from May 25, 2018

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGV) will come into force on May 25, 2018.

EU regulations come into force without the direct consent of the parliaments of the individual EU states. The representatives of the individual member states of the EU vote on behalf of their respective governments at the EU.

The German government representatives at the EU have also approved this regulation. In doing so, they hardly paid any attention to the specific content that they agreed to in the first place. They all "waved through" the EU-DSVG. Now those responsible are slowly "waking up".

More data security should be achieved for the citizens, since the misuse of personal data of the citizens has become intolerable through a wide variety of companies.

The misuse is to be counteracted by more obligations to provide evidence on the part of the data user and the personal consent of those affected.

So far, however, hardly any subordinate authority knows how to deal with it properly. For us as BWBV, too, there is a lot of bureaucratic evidence.
Only the lawyers are happy so far. In the event of violations of this basic regulation, hefty fees and charges can be collected very quickly. Even association boards can be prosecuted with high penalties if this guideline is not observed. The EU-DSVG can be found on the Internet at


This "complete work" comprises 99 articles. In February, at the meeting of the chairmen of the area hiking associations of the German Hiking Association in Kassel, some details were presented to us in a 90-minute lecture. But that was only an excerpt from a one-day training course to which the lecturer was invited.
He should pass this on to the representatives of the area hiking clubs on the occasion of the conference in Kassel. I took part as the media officer of our BWBV. A "timetable", which we should consider in the future, would still be drawn up.
According to my first rough assessment, we at BWBV have done everything right so far, preventively. What should be new for us now is the exact and time-consuming proof of who we have stored which personal data and from whom we have received which data and for what purpose. We also have to prove which individual data we have to or want to pass on.
Those affected have the right to request proof of the use of their data in the future.
As with dealing with finances, virtually all personal data must now be handled and controlled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dates 2018 and more

Meeting of the executive committee of the BWBV
22.02., 17.05., 30.08. and 22.11.2018

Presidium meetings planned

10.03., 26.05, 08.09. and November 30th to December 2nd, 2018

General meeting

Organizationally, it cannot take place on this date


The new date is August 4th, 2018 (Saturday)

Location: Potsdam, clubhouse on the sports complex of ESV Lokomotive Potsdam e. V., 14467 Potsdam, Berliner Str. 67
(at the B1 near Glienicke Bridge)

Time: 10.30 a.m. to approx. 1 p.m.


1. Greeting
2. Filling of acting vice-president for hiking
3t annual report for 2017
4. Financial report
5. Report of the cash auditor
6. Work program 2019/2020
7. Discussions
8. Discharge of the board for 2017

Basic and advanced training in hiking
October 20 and 21, 2018 in Neuruppin

License extension in mountain sports
probably on November 24th, 2018

Outstanding traditional events

German winter hiking day in the Fichtel Mountains
- in January 2018
2500 people took part in this event. We were also involved with club members.

Potsdam heather and lake hike
17.03.2018 - Start: 10.15 am Your Potsdam main station at the water tower
Hiking area: Telegrafenberg Science Park

Nature Park Hiking Festival 2018
Star hike to the Landhaus "Alte Schmiede Lühnsdorf"
When: May 06, 2018 (Sunday)
Organizer and information: Nature Park Center Hoher Fläming, OT Raben,
Brennereiweg 45, 14823 Rabenstein / Fläming

or on the Internet at http://www.flaeming.net

Start: different starting locations with starting times between 8.15 a.m.
and 11.30 a.m.
Entry fee: 3.00 euros

Exhibition "Wanderlust"
Location: Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie

When: 10.05. until September 16, 2018

Day of hiking

May 14, 2018 - this time a Monday
On the recommendation of the DWV, although it is a working day, the association's birthday hikes should take place locally on this date.
For a summary of the activities of the clubs, the DWV asks us to report our activities as well. As in the previous year, DWV would like to publish this on its WEB page. Corresponding information for forwarding to the DWV please contact our "Märkische Wanderboten".
The main event for the hiking association's birthday this time takes place in Rheiland-Palatinate. The patron is the local Prime Minister Ms. Mala Dreyer.

7. Uckermark hiking day
Date: May 27, 2018 (Sunday)
Motto: hiking on the banks of the Wolletzsee
2 guided hikes
Both tours start at 11 a.m. at the Wolletzsee lido
a) 5 km as a family tour - approx. 2 hours duration
Destination: Gut Wolletz (with refreshment stops)
b) 16 km as an active hike - approx. 5 hours duration

Around the Wollitzsee with a stopover at Gut Wollitz
Arrival: by train RE3 to Angermünde. The beaver bus (line 496) leaves from the station forecourt at 10.35 a.m. to the start at the Wollitzsee lido.
Alternatively, 4 km hike on the "Märkischer Landweg" (blue cross mark) from the Angermünde station to the start. Return with the beaver bus from Hst Wollitz, Mitte, approximately every hour to Bf Angermünde or from Hst Standbad Wollitzsee at 3:12 p.m. or 5:12 p.m. to Bf Angermünde (see also http://www.vbb.de). No entry fee.

Civic engagement at the federal level (BBE)

Due to the participation of our BWBV in the two previous years, we are invited again in 2018.

Presentation of the ambassadors for the BBE

Appointment of the engagement ambassadors
Takes place in the presence of the new Federal Family Minister

Date: June 4th, 2018 in Berlin

Participation: only on confirmed personal invitation
of the organizer

Participation in the 118th German Hiking Day
in the Teuteburg Forest hiking area

The central event location is Detmold

Core time: August 15 to 20, 2018

Current notice:
In the middle of April 2018 a new hiking map with the title "Detmold and surroundings" in a scale of 1: 25000 was published.

Price: 8.00 euros.

Order no .: ISBN 978-3-7473-0083-1

It covers the hiking area between Lage and Horn-Bad Meinberg.

It is again traveled in different individual groups. Accommodation is decentralized.
To this end, the groups have found common quarters for their team over the long term. Many clubs arrive before the "core time" or stay longer. But the hikers of all participating clubs will meet at the joint parade on August 19, 2018 at 2 p.m. in the urban area of ​​Detmold.

The closing event will take place on 08/20/2018 at 10 a.m. on the Waldbühne at the Hermannsdenkmal.

Please inquire about remaining spaces from the individual hiking groups or from the person responsible for central events of the BWBV.

The hiking day badge enables free use of public transport in the event area during the "core time" and enables discounts of between 50 and 100% for admissions. The price for the badge is 5.00 euros.

Civic Engagement Week
When: presumably on September 14th, 2018 (Friday) the nationwide Week of Civic Engagement will open again in Berlin. We were represented there as BWBV in both 2016 and 2017.

German Forest Days
When: 13.09. until September 16, 2018

The DWV takes up an old initiative of East German hiking groups as a new creation. Together with the DOSB, they would like to encourage member associations to start campaigns for this purpose under the motto "Forest, Sport, Exercise".

Hubertus hike Neuruppin
Danger: The date and the starting place have been changed.
Current: 09/22/2018 (date brought forward compared to previous years)
Starting place: Neuruppin, site of the police sports club (PSV),
Near train station Rheinsberger Tor
The sports fans of the former hiking department of MSV Neuruppin have changed clubs to PSV Neuruppin.

Joint adventure day hiking 2018
October 13, 2018 in Potsdam
Meeting: 10 a.m. to 10.25 a.m. on the Friendship Island Potsdam
We recommend an individual tour of the
Karl Foerster Gardens before the official one
Opening (see start)
Start: 10.30 a.m. with the official opening at the gate houses
on the friendship island of Potsdam
Motto: "1000 years of Potsdam and a quarter of a century later"

as well as "25 years of the European Hiking Cross Potsdam"
Implementation: In the form of various guided hikes
Hiking leader Potsdam sports and hiking clubs according to the
Rules of the state association for hiking in Brandenburg
a) City hike - approx. 3 hours

b) Potsdam - city at the intersection of the European hiking trails E10 and E11
Circular hike - approx. 6 km
c) Parks, castles and lakes in Potsdam - approx. 12-14 km
(i.a. Park Babelsberg - Klein Glienicke - New Garden - Pfingstberg -
- see also announcement in "Märkischen Wanderboten", issue 3 + 4/2017
and 01/2018 as well as in the annual hiking plans of the Brandenburgische
Hiking clubs and in the tourism event plans.
- no entry fee

Public hikes for everyone. Participation, however, at your own risk (or in the case of group participation according to the insurance conditions applicable to the individual group in question).
On request, the hiking guides deployed will confirm participation in the hikes for partial credit towards the central German hiking badge. You can use your hiking fitness passes or individual start books that you have brought with you.

If a larger group is planned for an association, please register in advance with the number of participants and the intended tour.

This event is supported by the umbrella organizations of the organizing hiking clubs and by various institutions of the state capital Potsdam.

Hiking Christmas Lübbenau
December 15, 2018 - "On the way to Santa Claus"
Implementation: Wandersportgemeinschaft Spreewald 69 e. V. Lübbenau
Meeting: Lübbenau, 10.00 a.m. in the cultural center "Gleis 3"
Walk from the platform through the underpass to the Neustadt side of the station.
The "Gleis 3" cultural center is right next to the tracks.
Route length of the tour: 8 to 10 km
Destination: Regine Hildebrand House of the AWO in Lübbenau
Entry fee (including a small Christmas surprise) € 3.00
Registration: Please register in advance on Tel. 03542 41048 or 03642 3123.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

119th German Hiking Day

Date: core time July 3rd to 8th, 2019
Location: Winterberg and Schmallenberg

Both places are in the Rothaargebirge / Sauerland

Of the two hiking maps "Ferienwelt Winterberg" and "Fereinwelt Schmallenberg", which are available in stores, unfortunately only remnants are currently in circulation.

German winter hiking day

Date: 22nd to 26th January 2020
Location: Schöneck

120th German Hiking Day

Date: Core period July 1st to 6th, 2020
Location: Bad Wildungen (near Kassel)

Annual meetings with the representatives of the DWV

- in February, at DWT and in autumn
We were represented at the February conference on February 24th, 2018 in Kassel.
Lectures on the current financial situation of the DWV. From the perspective of the DWV, the current income of the DWV is not enough to cover the expenses. You had to access the reserves. One does not want to reduce the offers from the numerous projects. Therefore, there will be an increase in membership fees from 2019 and again thereafter.

Central event of the DWV at the International Tourism Exchange in Berin on March 9th, 2018
We were also present here. The DWV presented its results and further plans to the press. From our point of view, this event was almost exclusively about the work of the DWV for commercial tourism and the increase in income from visits by foreign tourists.

More hikes

In the Potsdam catchment area z. B. Regular weekly hiking tours are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Further tours are added at regular intervals on Thursdays and weekends.
These hikes are led by volunteer hiking guides.
All citizens can take part in these tours if there are no personal physical or health restrictions to the contrary.

For participation in these tours, participants who are not members of the organizing associations are asked to pay a contribution to cover the costs.
The amount of the levy is at the discretion of the organizer and usually between EUR 0.00 and EUR 2.00 (deviations will be announced in advance).

By the way: If a hike is offered free of charge - but the operator intends to ask for a donation at the end of the tour, he is obliged, according to the latest legal situation, to inform the participants of this request before the start of the tour.

Any travel costs incurred are borne by each participant. However, we always try to optimize these costs by using group tariffs. Due to the constant traffic restrictions, we ask you to consult with the hiking guides of the tours or the guides of the hiking groups before taking part in the tour - especially by guests.

All tours that are carried out by member associations of the German Hiking Association (DWV for short) can be used by every participant - including guests who hike with these associations - for the evaluation of the German hiking badge.
The DWV does not count for the German hiking badge hikes that are arranged by representatives of tourism or the restaurant / hotel industry. This method was not the concern of the DWV with regard to the issued motto "pleasure hiking".

So it must not be done using the trick of customer acquisition with the sole aim of consuming food and drink in the hospitality sector. The main aim of the motto is to enjoy nature.

Even tours that are led by a hiking guide trained by the DWV - but are not the responsibility of the management of our member associations - are not recognized. This is to counteract the trend of certain citizens to acquire a hiking guide training inexpensively, then to leave the association and run a trade as a private hiking guide.
The person concerned then only has to operate as an employed or independent tour guide.

Private hikes by people from the local groups (e.g. on vacation or on walks) are also not included in the rating, even if you are out and about in a loose community.