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Münster - Has Münster soon produced a world champion? The French international Antoine Griezmann has ancestors who lived in Münster over 200 years ago. From Lars Herd

What you won't find when browsing the internet. As I scroll through Facebook, a screenshot of the Wikipedia Internet dictionary suddenly catches my eye. The French national soccer player Antoine Griezmann is said to have ancestors in Münster / Hessen (formerly Münster near Dieburg). Sounds like a joke at first, after all, Wikipedia is not always reliable, because theoretically anyone can edit the entries. But when I investigate the matter, there are actually some sources that confirm Griezmann's origin from the Gersprenz. There seems to be more to it than that. Last but not least, his “one-French” name Griezmann, which is common in Münster as Grießmann with ß, but which has remained with the two n's, which are unusual for France. As the municipality of Münster announced on request, there are currently 15 Grießmanns registered in the village. In addition, there are those whose surname has meanwhile changed, for example due to marriage. The story of the superstar with Munster ancestors is also making the rounds in the town hall itself and is causing a stir, it is said.

Griezmann's paternal roots go back a long way. A little more than 200 years to be precise. Because on May 5, 1817, his ancestor Emmerich Grieszmann is said to have been born in Münster. In fact, I found a small family tree that confirms that Emmerich Grieszmann was born in "Münster / Dieburg, Darmstadt". After viewing the books in the parish archive, in which all births are listed, I now have the official confirmation: Emmerich Grieszmann was born in Münster as the son of Emmerich Grieszmann and Christine Löbig - but two months earlier on May 5. March 1817 and not May.

The French website for genealogy "La revue française de Généalogie" reports at least that Emmerich Grieszmann, the son of Emmerich Grieszmann and Christina Löbig, was born in Münster, Germany in 1817. The "Deutsche Welle" becomes more precise and writes in a subordinate clause to a match report by "Paternal ancestors from Münster in Hesse". Here Emmerich Grieszmann initially also worked as a basket maker. After traveling through France a few times, he died on September 27, 1864 in Carnac in the west of the country. His other descendants are said to have moved across the country several times before they finally settled in Mâcon in eastern France - around 70 kilometers north of Lyon - in the course of the 20th century. And that's exactly where footballer Antoine Griezmann was born on March 21, 1991.

Unfortunately, Antoine Griezmann has not yet replied to my Instagram message. You cannot reach him personally on Twitter or Facebook. I know someone who is responsible for the social media appearances of some players, but he couldn't help me with Antoine Griezmann either. But wait and see. Maybe something else will come and in just under two weeks he will present us the World Cup trophy from the small balcony above the town hall foyer ... Münster's Mayor Gerald Frank (SPD) will be happy when he comes back from vacation and finds out what he is doing missed here in the meantime.

Antoine Griezmann is currently playing with the French national team at the World Cup in Russia, where he has scored twice in four games so far. In total, the 27-year-old striker has scored 22 goals in 58 games since his debut in 2014 for "Les Bleus" (nickname of the national team).

Griezmann's greatest sporting successes include the Vice European Championship 2016, in which he was top scorer with six goals, the triumph in the Europa League and the final in the Champions League each with the Spanish top club Atlético Madrid and winning the U19 European Championship, in which he was also player of the tournament. According to the Internet portal Transfermarkt.de, Griezmann's market value is currently a whopping 100 million euros.

Tomorrow, Friday, Griezmann and his team will meet Uruguay in Nizhny Novgorod at 4 p.m. - so keep your fingers crossed.

Who knows more about Antoine Griezmann's roots in Münster? Or who might even have the same ancestors? Send us an email: [email protected]

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