Should I bathe with a copper bracelet

Copper bracelet with magnet - application and effects

Several thousand years ago, the powers of copper were discovered for a wide variety of medical applications. The copper bracelet with magnet can support well-being.

In some regions of Africa the copper bracelet with magnet has a very special meaning and is not worn there for fashion reasons, but precisely because of the medical effect. Ancient scriptures show that mankind recognized the benefits of copper thousands of years ago. A copper bracelet with a magnet has a positive effect on the health of those who wear it. Golfers, riders and other athletes rely on the effect of copper and magnets and the copper bracelet, which can also be worn as a fashionable piece of jewelry, is still very popular today.


Correct use - very important for wellbeing

  • The copper bracelet should be worn continuously. Above all, it is important not to take it off while showering, bathing or in bed. It should also be worn continuously during sports. If possible, the bracelet should come into contact with the skin 24 hours a day.
  • If the copper comes into contact with sweat, the skin under the bracelet can turn green. However, this reaction is completely normal and absolutely harmless. The green color is easily washed off and is not a cause for concern. With the strength of the respective magnet, care should be taken that it should move up to 1,700 Gaus. Gauss is the name for the magnetic field strength.

Copper and magnet in interaction

  • Every body needs essential trace elements. Copper is just one of many trace elements that are vital for the body. Copper is therefore indispensable for the body. If you now wear such a copper bracelet with a magnet, very small amounts of it get through the skin into the bloodstream. This is how the trace element gets into the body and can develop its full effect there.
  • If the copper bracelet with magnet is now worn on the skin, the magnet can now also develop its full power. The magnet causes the self-healing powers, which the body has in large numbers, to be activated. Self-healing powers can often be blocked by external influences. The copper bracelet with magnet thus supports the regulation of the self-healing powers and releases these blockages.