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1,308 women lead Haj without a male guardian: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Naqvi was in Mumbai participating in a training program organized for Haj pilgrims. (Express photo / Rohit Jain ABS / file)

A total of 1,308 rural women for the first time performing Haj without the company of a ‘mahram’ or male guardian, Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Sunday. The minister was in town to take part in a training program organized for Haj pilgrims.

“A total of 1,308 women have applied to go for Haj without 'mahram'. These women were exempt from the lottery system and allowed to go out to perform Haj, ”he told reporters. The minister said it was the first time that women from India would go on the pilgrimage without a male guardian.

Naqvi said that 3,55,604 applications were received for Haj and that number included 1,89,217 men and 1,66,387 women. “This year, a total of 1,28,002 pilgrims are going to lead pilgrims through the Haj Committee of India. Women make up 47 percent of that number. Another 47,023 Haj pilgrims go through private tour operators, ”he said. The pilgrimage will take place in August.

Naqvi said that women's Haj assistants will be deployed to help women, pilgrims and oversee facilities they provided, adding that this too was a first-time feature for the country. “In 2017 the government paid Rs 1,030 crore on various airlines flying 1,24,852 pilgrims. In 2018, the payment for this would be Rs 973 crore and the number of pilgrims would be 1.28,002, ″ said the minister.

That figure is Rs 57 crore less than what was paid for, he said. Naqvi said that the Union government's decision to allow Haj pilgrims to choose the jetty of best to you, rather than the previous practice of fixing such point for you, was to benefit those who go to meet Haj.

“Because of this new rule by the Union of Government, Haj pilgrims can board a flight from the airport which is most convenient for you. It has secured the government a lot of money, ”he added.

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