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Some requirements should be met for naturalization:

An unlimited right of residence, at least eight years of residence in Germany, the ability to support yourself alone and without state support (unemployment benefit, Hartz IV funds, etc.), sufficient knowledge of German, no previous convictions and a commitment to the German, democratic basic order. The application currently costs 225 euros.

Knowledge of German history, language, culture and political system is tested with a naturalization test. Depending on the country of origin and personal circumstances, naturalization can take up to two and a half years.

According to German citizenship law, the emergence of multiple citizenship should be avoided. Therefore, an applicant from a non-EU country has to give up his old citizenship. Only in exceptional cases, for example if the other country refuses to be released or the applicant is a recognized refugee, is it possible to retain the previous foreign nationality when naturalizing.

EU citizens can retain their original citizenship as long as their country of origin also grants multiple citizenship.