How can I send a gift online

Sending gifts abroad via the Internet - it's that easy

This article was written in collaboration with Western Union.

Do you remember how complicated it used to be to surprise friends or relatives with a gift? You had to go to the department store, take the package to the post office and write down the tracking number in order to know whether the gift had reached the right recipient on time. Do you remember how much stress that was associated with? Nowadays, thanks to e-commerce and digital gift options, gifts can be found easier, faster and more conveniently on the Internet and sent abroad.

When family members travel to the other side of the world for study or work, it can be difficult to keep feeling connected. By sending a gift to relatives and friends abroad, you let them know how much you care for them and how much you miss them. After a short online research, a few clicks and a money transfer, a very special gift can be on the way to the recipient in no time.


What kind of gifts can be sent internationally?

Your gift options are as varied as the internet. Online stores and shopping websites make shopping really straightforward these days. As a little suggestion, we've put together a few types of international gifts that you can purchase online:

  • Products from online shops: Ecommerce websites allow you to shop at local merchants or easily buy and send gifts around the world. You can choose from a variety of products such as textiles, accessories or household items to make others happy.
  • Food: Food is always welcome in every culture and in every country. Many local bakeries and patisseries make products that your loved ones will enjoy, some of them even deliver them in person. This is a particularly good idea for a birthday present for someone abroad.
  • Flowers: Whether roses, daisies or lilies: Order a beautiful bouquet from a local florist or an online florist and it will be delivered to your door.
  • Money transfers: If you're short on time or can't think of a suitable gift, money is always an appropriate gift. With a money transfer such as For example, you can use the Western Union® app to transfer amounts quickly and easily in the local currency directly to the recipient's bank account.

The cost of sending international gifts over the Internet

When sending gifts abroad, you may also incur transaction and exchange rate fees, as well as customs payments and taxes. Include this in the total cost of your gift - including any exchange rate or interest rate differences that money transfer companies may charge.

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and depend on factors beyond your control. Before buying your gift, you should find out about the current exchange rate and compare it with the exchange rate that is quoted when buying online.

If you send a gift abroad (including online), additional duties, taxes and duties may apply. These are legal requirements that apply to all goods sent abroad, whether gift or not. Many online stores do not take into account the duties, taxes, and duties that may apply in addition to international shipping fees in the quoted price. Pay close attention to the “small print” of the international shipping conditions of the respective provider. If you have the option of paying such duties, taxes and duties in advance, take advantage of this. Your friends or relatives do not have to drive to the local customs office to pay these costs themselves at reception.

The good thing about digital gifts is that they usually don't incur any international duties, taxes, or duties - if you follow this simple tip: buy from the retailer's website for the gift recipient's home country. If you z. For example, if you are in Germany and are buying a gift for a family member in Russia, you can avoid many problems by making the purchase on the dealer's Russian website. This will avoid customs duties and shipping charges as the gift will likely only be shipped within the family member's country. Please note that the exchange rate fee will be charged to your credit card.


Your gift options are unlimited

In today's world, there are no longer any limits or currency restrictions on sending a gift to a friend or family member overseas. Online purchases, groceries, flowers, and money transfers are great ways to please relatives and friends far away. Find out about these options and take the stress out of the job by familiarizing yourself with exchange rates, international duties, duties, and taxes. International gift purchases are more convenient and affordable than ever, and make it easy to show your loved ones how much you care.