How does Tumblr work

What is Tumblr? Explained in a simple and understandable way

"Tumblr" often comes up when it comes to social networks. Because while many know Facebook and Twitter, most do not know what Tumbrl is. But let's put an end to that: We'll tell you what Tumblr exactly is and how the service works.

Tumblr - what is it actually? Here you can get an explanation

Tumblr is available online as a website and also mobile on iOS and Android.
  • Tumblr is a free website on which every user can run their own blog. Which content is uploaded is up to each user. From life stories to photo albums, you can find many Tumblr blogs on the web.
  • Similar to Facebook, you can also publish pictures, videos and texts here. If other users follow your blog, the latest posts are always displayed on their home page. You don't have to blog on Tumblr, you can just follow other blogs. Viewing individual blogs is also possible without an account.
  • If something is posted on Tumblr, any other user can quote this post in their own blog. For example, if you collect cat photos on your Tumblr page and see more pictures on another blog, you can add them to your own blog.
In the next practical tip, we will show you how to get as many followers as possible on Tumblr.