When was Transylvania a part of Hungary?


Emigrated Transylvanian Saxons found a new home in the Sachsenheim settlement in the Flachgau municipality of Elixhausen. They maintain their folk culture, Association of the Transylvanian Saxons.

Salzburg in Transylvania

Ocna Sibiului (old Vizocna; German Salzburg, Transylvanian-Saxon Salzbrich, Hungarian Vízakna) is a small town in the Sibiu district in Transylvania (Romania). It was the spa town of Salzburg in the 19th century.

Ocna Sibiuli (old Vizocna; German Salzburg, Transylvanian-Saxon Salzbrich, Hungarian Vízakna), in German "Salzburg in Transylvania" is a health resort in the Romanian district of Sibiu (Hermannstadt). The place was first mentioned in a document in 1263 and has been inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons for centuries. The history of the place is closely linked to that of salt production, which was only finally stopped here in 1931. With the opening of the first baths in 1845, Salzburg developed more and more into a health resort. The "Battle of Vizakna" took place near Salzburg in February 1849. Vizakna was the Hungarian and then official place name of Ocna Sibiuli-Salzburg.

Today around 3,500 people live in the small town of “Salzburg”. The numerous hotels and pavilions from the early days of the spa business in the mid-19th century as well as several salt lakes are well worth seeing.

People with a connection to Salzburg

  • Johann Barth (born March 19, 1931 in Mettersdorf in Transylvania; † February 3, 2009) was a Salzburg photographer and author.
  • Georg Jung (born October 13, 1923 in Lechnitz, Transylvania; † January 9, 2021) was the head of the Pinzgau companies Jung Holz and Jung-Trans.
  • Olivier Klose (born April 12, 1860 in Sibiu, Romanian Sibiu, Romania]; † May 31, 1933 in Vienna) was a Salzburg archaeologist.
  • Josef Carl Maager (March 15, 1813 in Kronstadt, today Braşov; † February 23, 1887 in Salzburg), Reichsrat, President of the Chamber of Commerce and the Kreditanstalt branch in Kronstadt and honorary citizen of the city of Salzburg
  • Max Mann (born June 27, 1899 in Hermannstadt [Sibiu], Transylvania, † November 29, 1971 in Salzburg), photographer in Salzburg; he was the son of
  • Wilhelm Mann (born December 22, 1866 in Karlsburg [Alba Iulia], Transylvania, † April 20, 1927), also a photographer in Salzburg.
  • Dietmar-Hans Orendi (* 1962 in Semlak in the Romanian Banat) is pastor of the Evangelical Parish of Salzburg-Nördlicher Flachgau in Elixhausen. He was also pastor in Transylvania for seven years.
  • Joseph Anton Graf Plaz (born October 23, 1677 at Schrattenberg Castle, Styria, † July 27, 1767 in St. Jakob am Thurn), initially commanding general and later appointed governor of Transylvania.
  • Wolfgang Rehner (* 1962 in Sibiu, Romanian Sibiu, Transylvania) was Evangelical Lutheran pastor in Transylvania for ten years, pastor of the parish of Salzburg-Nördlicher Flachgau from 2014 to 2018 and has been superintendent of the Evangelical Diocese of A.B. since September 1, 2018. Styria.
  • Heinrich Schönfeld (* around 1900 in Transylvania) was the coach of the football club SC Hakoah Hallein for so-called displaced persons in the Beth Israel camp in Hallein after the Second World War.

Document mentions

In the list of other documentary mentions:

  • 1323 Kleinschänen (Transylvania), Pastor Johannes "de Parvo Horreo"Alard von Salzburg sells the fourth part of the Ringelkirch property



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