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The philosophy in times of Corona

The beautiful word of the “new normal” reminds even philosophers buried in their study, if there are any, that the times are not quite ordinary. But it doesn't have to be surprising if the overview starts to falter here and there.

In accordance with Wittgenstein's dictum that “I don't know my way around” is the actual form of a philosophical question, we have compiled the following guidelines that were reported to us by philosophers from the circle of the ÖGP.

We welcome further contributions that deal philosophically, i.e. fundamentally with the corona pandemic (all contributions reflect the opinions of the authors).

Margarete Maurer about resilience and Rosa Luxemburg in the Swiss Philosophy Blog

Ursula Renz About Montaigne as a thinker in times of epidemics and about Spinoza as a philosopher of the crisis, both in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, as well as a contribution by Ursula Renz about cultural identity in times of the Corona for listening to SWR2

Anne Siegetsleitner about Hannah Arendt as a companion through the state of emergency in Triakontameron

Reinhold Esterbauer about Orpheus in the home office and a small school of the times in the theological feature section Feinschwarz.net

Andreas Oberprantacher About us in the Covid-19 pandemic in future research, the magazine for science and research of the University of Innsbruck

Daniel von Wachter with a philosophical investigation of the new coronavirus

and finally the Covid-19 page of the philosophy blog Praefaktisch von Gottfried Schweiger and Norbert Paulo

The ÖGP supports the open letter regarding classroom teaching https://www.praesenzlehre.com

Opinion of the Austrian Society for Philosophy (ÖGP) for ethics classes

We wrote a statement in February 2019 on the introduction of ethics teaching as a regular school subject in general schools, initially in secondary level 2 and later also in secondary level and primary schools.

The exact wording of the statements can be found here: (Statement of the ÖGP on the introduction of ethics lessons)

Publication “Being human - foundation, imperative or empty phrase?” - from now on Open Access

The contributions to the 10th Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy have now been published by Innsbruck University Press: Link to the publication.

Current ÖGP Presidium (2017-2020)

At the meeting on January 12, 2018 in Salzburg, the General Assembly of the Austrian Society for Philosophy decided on a change for the incumbent Presidium. Ulrich Metschl succeeds Andreas Oberprantacher as the new General Secretary, and we would like to thank him very much for his five-year term of office. Andreas Oberprantacher will remain in the Presidium. In return, Paola-Ludovika Coriando has declared that she will not be a member of the Presidium. Many thanks also go to Ms. Coriando for her involvement in the Presidium and, in particular, for her work as President of the Society.

12th doctoral symposium of the ÖGP

The 12th doctoral symposium of the Austrian Society for Philosophy had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. A decision cannot yet be made about an alignment at a later point in time (as of June 2020).

10th Congress of the ÖGP: "To be human - foundation, imperative or empty phrase?"

10th Congress of the OEGP: "Being Human - Foundation, Imperative or Platitude?"

4th-6th June 2015, University of Innsbruck

The10th Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy was the focusTo be human - foundation, imperative or empty phrase? dedicated. The question of what it says and implies to be human is a fundamental one for both philosophy and society. At the same time, it runs the risk of being answered with empty phrases.

In this context, the 10th Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy opened a forum lasting several days at the University of Innsbruck, where the question of being human in the consciousness of old and new provocations was raised.

Homepage of the 10th Congress of the ÖGP

Homepage of the 10th Congress of the OEGP