How often do married Indian women have sex?

World average: 96 times sex a year

According to a report, the USA is also said to be the leader in sex with 132 times a year per nose, while Germany is in the middle

Condom manufacturer Durex has allegedly carried out the largest and most comprehensive global survey on sexual behavior to date. 18,000 people between the ages of 16 and 55 were surveyed in 27 countries - the US winners in terms of frequency, while the French want to lead the way in number of partners.

Even with some questions, the result of the study is perhaps more of a gauge of honesty or expectations than a reflection of real behavior. The current superpower USA and Russia, the former superpower in the balance of horror, seem to be competing today for the strength of the libido of their citizens. With an average of 132 sex a year, the American citizen seems to be ahead of the Russian, who does it 122 times a year, followed by the French (121), who like to be at odds with the USA anyway, and Greece (115). The global average is 96 times, with the Australians at 98 and the Germans at 97, while Holland, but also Spain and Italy are further behind. In Asia, people are either more honest or more reserved. Here, Taiwan ranks 78 times ahead of Thailand (70) and China (69). Japan brings up the rear with just 37 times, at least what the respondents said.

Men want sex more than 122 times a year than women, an average of 88 times. Scientists want to attribute this difference, which emerges in many surveys, to the way men have turned to prostitutes, but perhaps they just have a greater urge to gain recognition and rely on the desired quantity. As expected, after a peak in 16-20 year olds (113), the sex frequency decreases with age. The over 45-year-olds are 67 times well below the general average. More than half of the respondents say that they go to bed or somewhere else once a week, after all, only 4 percent say they go to bed every day. The desire is obviously highest in unmarried couples who live together (146), in married couples the libido level falls (98) and the singles apparently find it difficult (49).

Americans also want to be the first to start sex youngest and lose their innocence. With an average of 16.4 years they screwed for the first time, just ahead of the Brazilians and again closely followed by the French at 16.7 years. But then, at the age of 16.9, Germany comes along. The younger ones seem to have had sex earlier than the older ones. The 16-20 year olds want to have done it for the first time on average when they are 16 years old, whereas those over 45 only want to do it when they are 18.9 years old. Apart from the Brazilians, there seems to be a clear difference between the western and eastern countries. The global average is 18.1 years, with men starting at 17.5 years earlier than women starting at 18.6 years. Malaysia, India, Taiwan and China are at the bottom of the scale, each with over 20 years.

As far as the number of partners is concerned, the French are most on variety with 16.7, followed by Greeks (15), the Brazilians (12.5) and the USA (11.8). With 8.7, the Germans are just above the overall average (8.2). The Chinese, this time only penultimate, allegedly only have 2.7 partners, the Indians only 1.8. Overall, the men with 11.7 partners want to be superior to the women with 4.6, although you sometimes have to ask yourself how it all works together. 16 percent of men only had sex with one person; for women, the loyal souls, this is already 38 percent. In India in particular, people are sexually loyal: an unbelievable 82 percent here have only one sexual partner, while in China it is still 60 percent.

Men and women were then allowed to make their selection from a number of predominantly American (Hollywood) stars in order to choose the woman or man who is the most sexy. Worldwide, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are at the top for men, each with 12 percent. In Germany this is Cindy Crawford, in India even the otherwise little-mentioned Steffi Graf comes after Madonna, in the USA Jennifer Lopez leads. The Czechs and Hungarians support Klaudia Schiffer. Women, on the other hand, find Tom Cruise the most attractive with 17 percent. Michael Schumacher and Pavarotti have little to report with 1 percent, but football stars Ronaldo and Prince William are also uninteresting in this regard. The 16- to 24-year-old women, however, find Ricky Martin, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitte rather sexy, the married and over 25-year-old women tend more towards Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And the Indian women also seem to have a weakness for tennis stars, as they voted for Andre Agassi the most.

Yes, and then French researchers - mostly partners, sex quite early and quite often - want to have discovered that or a sex center, at least in men. Nine healthy and heterosexual male test persons were shown photos and films and measured the blood flow in the brain with positron emission tomography (PET) in order to see which areas are active when they saw sexually stimulating images. Blood pressure, pulse and testosterone levels were also measured. They were also asked how much they had been excited by what they saw. Jerome Redoute and his colleagues write in the journal Human Brain Mapping that the still little-known area of ​​Claustrum in the temporal lobe is apparently most active during sexual arousal, at least as long as it is limited to the view. Redoute says it is important to see what happens in healthy men when they are sexually aroused in order to potentially help men with problems. (Florian Rötzer)

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