Can you ride on CBD oil

Still driving a car after consuming CBD?

The Federal Council is moving forward - what does that mean for consumers?

Since the Federal Office of Public Health gave the green light for cannabidiol products in the summer of 2016, the consumption of products containing CBD has been very popular in Switzerland for a variety of reasons. Since driving a car is just as indispensable in this country as it is everywhere on the continent, many Swiss naturally ask themselves about CBD and driving. After all, cannabidiol is also a cannabinoid that also affects the body on numerous levels.

Can I drive after CBD?

First of all, one thing first: The consumption of CBD and cannabidiol-containing products is absolutely legal in Switzerland. However, the prerequisite is that the THC content of the corresponding products is below the legal maximum of 1 percent. From this perspective, it should be possible to combine CBD and driving just as easily. That also seems logical, because firstly, cannabidiol is not psychoactive and secondly, in case of doubt, the THC content is so low that the THC can hardly have a noticeable influence. As is so often the case when it comes to hemp and cannabinoids, we are moving in a legal gray area that makes the whole thing a little more complicated. There are two problems at this point.

There is also zero tolerance in Switzerland

Most CBD products contain minimal traces of THC. This is perfectly fine by law, but it conflicts with Swiss traffic law. As everywhere in Europe, incidentally also in the Netherlands, which is much more liberal with regard to cannabis, a zero tolerance policy towards THC in road traffic applies. So if you want to drive a car after CBD and end up in a control, it is possible that the police drug test will result in positive results. Of course, the THC content, which is determined in a subsequent blood test, is significantly lower than when consuming illegal cannabis products.

From a purely legal point of view, however, this does not matter, because in this country a person is only considered "fit to drive" or "abstinent" if no THC can be detected in the blood. After all, THC is THC, regardless of whether it comes from CBD oil or an illegal joint. The police simply have no way of proving that the THC concentration was caused by the consumption of CBD products. However, scientists are currently working on reliable methods on the basis of which rapid CBD tests can be developed. In any case, that would defuse part of the problem.

Why you shouldn't drive after CBD anyway

Even if you dose CBD products so low that the THC content in the blood is below the detection limit, you should not get in the car. Although CBD is not as perceptual as THC, it can lead to sedation and drowsiness when used appropriately. Of course, this also affects your ability to drive and thus the safety of you and other road users. If you drive after CBD and are stopped, the police can refuse you to continue driving even if a drug test is negative.

This is simply due to the requirement of the police to remove any vehicle driver who is obviously not fit to drive. You don't have to be drunk or have a lot of THC in your blood to do this. Even drivers who are obviously overtired, ill or under the influence of medication must surrender their driver's license in such a case until their ability to drive can be proven again.

Driving after CBD - yes or no

To avoid the THC problem, you should use CBD products that have the lowest possible THC content. There are even some products now that contain no THC at all, so at least in that regard you would be off the hook on a drug test. Nonetheless, for safety reasons, we recommend that you do not get behind the wheel after consuming CBD, as the calming effects of CBD can have a drastic impact on your ability to drive.

It is better to let someone drive you, use public transport, walk or wait after consuming it until the effects wear off again. The answer to the initial question is our recommendation: No, you shouldn't combine CBD and driving for safety reasons.

Penalty for inability to drive - also because of hemp ciggy

According to Roman Dobler, media spokesman for the St. If you are not master (or woman) of your senses, you are not allowed to drive. However, according to the law, it is completely irrelevant how it comes to driving inability. “There are many reasons that lead to the inability to drive: alcohol, drugs, but also medication and fatigue. So if such a hemp cigarette leads to a person becoming drowsy and thus no longer able to drive a car, they must expect criminal sanctions if they are caught, ”explains Dobler.

So the fact is: there is (still) no legal ban on driving a vehicle after smoking hemp cigarettes. So the answer to the question of whether you can still drive home after a hemp cigarette is Jain. Actually yes, because it is legally allowed, but no, because the effect of CBD cigarettes has not been proven and it is possible that consumption can lead to inability to drive. If you want to prevent trouble with the police, you should decide: cannabis zzi or driving a car.