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The Belgian-Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen was onSeptember 30, 1997 born in Hasselt, Belgium. The son of the former racing driver Jos Verstappen comes from a motorsport-loving family and became familiar with racing at an early age. While his father was an active Formula 1 driver between 1994 and 2003, his mother Sophie Kumpen was an active kart driver. Other members of the family also felt connected to motorsport. Great-uncle Paul Kumpen made a name for himself as Belgian rallycross champion in the 1980s. His son Anthony can also boast successes as a racing driver.
Max Verstappen started karting at the age of seven. He was a three-time winner of the Minimax-Rotax-Challenge in Belgium. In 2007 he was also able to win the challenge in the Netherlands. In 2008 and 2009 he became Belgian kart champion. Verstappen was also able to assert himself immediately in international karting. He moved to the international stage in 2010 and won the European Bridgestone Cup and the WSK Euro and World Series. Max Verstappen was active in karting up to 2013 and was able to book further top places for himself.
In autumn 2013, Verstappen carried out the first test drives in motor racing. When he made his Formula 3 debut, he immediately had the best time of the day. His participation in the Florida Winter Series earned Verstappen three pole positions. He emerged victorious from two races and secured a total of five podium places. Subsequently, he got a cockpit in the European Formula 3 championship for the 2014 season at Van Amersfoort Racing. On the first weekend he won 2nd place. His first victory in Formula 3.
got Verstappen in Hockenheim in his sixth race. He also won the other competitions in Spa and Nuremberg and was able to record a total of six victories. In recognition of his achievements, he was accepted into the Red Bull funding program.
Max Verstappen received his super license in September 2014, making him the youngest Formula 1 driver in history, at the age of 17 and without a license. Verstappen scored his first points as a Formula 1 driver in the second race in Malaysia. A seventh place was followed by two fourth places in the USA and Hungary. In his first season as a Formula 1 driver, Max Verstappen finished 12th. In the 2016 season, Verstappen was able to make 6th place in Bahrain his best result. His first Formula 1 win was the Spanish Grand Prix, directed by Red Bull Racing. He was celebrated as the first Dutch Formula 1 winner. At the other races in Austria and Great Britain, Verstappen came second on the podium. He also took second place at the Japanese Grand Prix, where he stood out for his aggressive driving style. He also fought tough duels in Mexico with Nico Rosberg. Max Verstappen also stayed with Red Bull Racing for the Formula 1 World Championship in 2017.
As the youngest Formula 1 driver in history, the youngest Grand Prix winner and the youngest driver to make it onto the podium, Max Verstappen was able to write Formula 1 history at a young age
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