Which countries forbid Ajan

The weekly review in simple language
Weight lifting is a sport. The president of the World Weightlifting Association is Tamas Ajan. He's in trouble now and has to take a break first.
A weight lifter is looking for the right grip. (picture alliance / Kazuya Gondo)

A lot of money has disappeared from the world association. Now we have to investigate where the money is. Some believe: Ajan and the association spent it on doping and corruption. That is forbidden.

Because of all these things, Ajan is now banned from being president for 3 months. But Ajan says: I didn't do anything wrong and want to continue to be president. It is unclear whether this will be possible.

Which does ______________ mean ...

  • Olympic games
    The Olympic Games are the largest sports competition in the world. There are games in summer and winter, alternating every two years. The games are in a different city in the world each time. Only the best athletes from all over the world are allowed to take part. They fight for medals in many sports.
  • corruption
    Corruption is another word for bribery. Bribery means that a politician or an official takes money that is not his or her own. Many countries have problems with corruption.
  • doping
    Some athletes try to get faster and stronger with prohibited drugs. It's called doping. Doping is prohibited because it is unfair. In addition, the drugs are often bad for your health. Doping inspectors try to find out which athletes are doped.