Which factors influence international business?

The most important location factors for your company

Work 2.0: coworking and home office

Digitization, agile work and teamwork: Many employees are looking for today new, creative and especially flexible forms of work - are there Home office and Coworking spaces the currently most important keywords.

Well-trained young professionals in particular have to offer flexible models today. This also includes the option of employees having the option to work from home. This flexibility is part of an innovative work environment today.

Coworking spaces are especially interesting for young, creative start-ups. There, young entrepreneurs have the chance to make new contacts and yourself to exchange creatively. Renting in a coworking space also makes sense if a company project related Wants to bring together employees from different cities. Often these are freelancers.

Thinking about a coworking space can also be interesting from another aspect: At the beginning of the foundation, this can be a good transition option if you have not yet found the right location or the right property. Even if entrepreneurs are thinking about opening an office at another location, a coworking space is a sensible option. Also under the aspect of Networking coworking spaces are important. In many large cities there are now large offices that are used for precisely this purpose. Many different specialists meet there, there can be a lively exchange and maybe even business contacts can be made.

Start-up center as a center of power

For the entry of a still growing company, start-up centers offer an already developed infrastructure, and it does exist Opportunities for cooperation with already resident companies. Especially in the area Bio, nano and environmental technology incubators are very popular. Since they are mainly financed by public funds, the rent is affordable for the individual founder. This represents a good basic requirement for the life of a company. On-site start-ups find enough space for their first projects, in addition to offices there are also seminar and conference rooms or laboratories.