Why are pigs considered unclean in Islam?

Why don't Muslims eat pork?

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According to the Koran, pork is one of the forbidden foods and is considered unclean. In the Koran it says:

“He has forbidden you only meat from dead animals, blood, pork and meat, about which (during the slaughter) a being other than God has been invoked. But if someone finds himself in a predicament without committing something that is forbidden on his own initiative, he is not to blame. God is merciful and ready to forgive. “(Sura 2/173).

For many Muslims, this ban on not eating pork also means foregoing preparations or medicinal ingredients that are obtained from pigs, such as gelatine for capsules, heart valves and the like. The Muslims also refer to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad, in which it says: “God has sent down a cure for every disease. So treat this, but not with something forbidden. “That means, therapy that contradicts the Islamic regulations is forbidden (see case study Food regulations). Unless you find yourself in a predicament where there is no alternative. Under such circumstances, the Islamic principle of ethics applies: "The emergency lifts the prohibitions." This means that the forbidden medicines, e.g. those obtained from pigs, may be taken. In such a situation, the patient ultimately has to make the decision himself with his conscience. For this, however, he should not lack medical and theological education.

But it can also happen that Muslims do not consume other types of meat in the hospital because the meat to be consumed was not slaughtered according to Islamic rituals (butchered meat). In such cases, it would be appropriate to offer these patients a vegetarian diet that does not contain any animal fats or alcohol. The fact that not eating in the hospital can also only have something to do with the different kitchen culture.

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