Why do I lose an erection during sex?

Erectile dysfunction already at 20?

Question: I am 20 years old and have erectile dysfunction. However, it is not a complete impotence, I cannot keep my erection for long. I had my "first time" when I was 17 and that's when it started. At the time, I attributed it to the excitement. A year later I had a steady relationship, but my problem didn't improve either. According to an investigation, everything was fine physically. My doctor said that it must be more of a psychological problem and that I should relax more during sex. He gave me four tablets of Viagra ®, with the advice that if it worked a couple of times, I wouldn't need it anymore. With Viagra ® it went quite well as a result, but without it it was as usual. When masturbating, the erection works a little better, but not so great either. Sex is actually very important to me - I only feel half a man now. What can I do?

Answer: You did the right thing by first having a urological examination. This can at least rule out underlying physical problems.

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Possible causes of impotence

The psyche actually plays an extremely important role in terms of potency and erection, which you should not underestimate. This does not mean that you have a mental disorder. The psyche simply includes the unconscious, the dark side of every human being. In every human being there are things that cannot and should not reach consciousness. In this case a "problem" looks for another way to the surface in order not to be recognized itself. This fact is not the same as mental illnesses that require psychiatric treatment.

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In addition, neurological disorders or side effects of medication, drugs, alcohol and nicotine can also be the cause of erectile problems. Omitting these substances can certainly lead to an improvement. However, if this does not apply to you personally, it is all the more important to work on the problem, especially since it is now obviously extremely stressful for you.

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A goal-oriented measure would be to first take advantage of sexual counseling. In a detailed discussion with a specially trained therapist, in which you and your problems can be dealt with very precisely, there are certainly possibilities that will help you to live your potency the way you want it.

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