What is a study permit

You always need an eTA to study or attend school in Canada. If you want to study or attend school in Canada for more than 6 months, there is an additional one Study Permit required.

An eTA is sufficient for a short study in Canada

All you need is an eTA for a degree, exchange program or course in Canada that lasts less than six months. You do not need a visa or one for this Study Permit to apply

To apply for an eTA Canada, you must be German, Austrian, Swiss or the nationality of one of the countries on this list. This includes all countries of the European Union, but also Switzerland, Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom.
Apply for your Canada eTA

The eTA is not only suitable for vacation and business trips, but also for studying in Canada

Situations in which you are a Study Permit should apply for

You can also use a Study Permit - apply for a supplement to the eTA Canada. You always need an eTA to check-in for a flight to Canada. If you have a Study Permit you will always automatically receive an eTA. Applying for a Study permits offers two advantages:

With a Study Permit you are allowed to attend a course or training that lasts longer

If you are without Study Permit If you are traveling, the course or training you are attending in Canada cannot last longer than six months. Without Study Permit For example, you are not allowed to split eight-month studies into two four-month trips. In addition, it is not permitted to attend a part of a course that lasts longer than six months in total. The only exception is for people traveling on an exchange program. If the exchange program does not last longer than six months, it can be done without Study Permit even if the exchange program is part of a longer course of study.

With a Study Permit you are allowed to take a part-time job

If you only have a Canada eTA and no Study Permit you are not allowed to take a part-time job in Canada. Universities sometimes offer the opportunity to earn extra money with a part-time job on or off campus. With a Study Permit you are allowed to work 20 hours per week on campus. With a work permit, you can also work outside of campus.

Please be careful if your eTA is earlier than yours Study Permit expires
If you leave Canada during your studies - for example for a trip to the USA or to visit your friends and relatives outside Canada - please note that you must have a valid eTA when you fly back to Canada and continue your studies. It sometimes happens that a Study Permit is still valid, but the eTA is no longer valid, e.g. B. if you have received a new passport. In this case you can apply for an eTA separately.