Which 3 countries in Europe are landlocked?

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12 Our continent Europe Exercises 1. Underline in text A and in map 4 the seas that border Europe. Also find the Urals in 4 and mark it. 2. Work with Text B and your atlas. Name two European island states, coastal states and landlocked states. 3. Process 4 using the method “Getting to know physical maps” on page 13. Paint the boxes in pictures 1 to 3 in the appropriate color from the map legend. Match the pictures in card 4. 4. Develop a table with three columns: 1. high mountains, 2. low mountains, 3. hills and plains. Use the atlas to find three European examples. Where is Europe located? Europe is the second smallest continent on earth. In the north, Europe extends to the European Arctic Ocean. In the east, the Ural Mountains form the border between Europe and Asia. In the south and south-east, Europe is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea (also known as the Mediterranean Sea) and the Black Sea. In the west the continent ends at the Atlantic Ocean. Europe has many faces Europe is approximately 10 million km 2 and consists of 47 states. There are island states, coastal states and landlocked states. An island nation is completely surrounded by the sea. A coastal state is a state that borders a sea. A landlocked country is only surrounded by land. A total of 742 million people live in Europe. Two countries (Turkey, Russia) are only partly in Europe. Russian, German and English are the most widely spoken languages ​​in Europe. In total, over 100 languages ​​are used. The landscapes of Europe are just as diverse. There are: high mountains - mountains with heights over 1000 m low mountains - mountains up to 1000 m high hills and plains - landscapes up to 500 m high European records The smallest European island state is Malta. Russia is the largest European state. It is on two continents: Europe and Asia. The highest mountains are the Alps. The Volga is the longest river on this continent, the second longest is the Danube. The Danube is 2,888 km long, has its source in the Black Forest in Germany and flows into the Black Sea. Ten European countries are located on the Danube. A B C 1 high mountains 2 low mountains 3 level master copy g45p3e For testing purposes only - property of publisher öbv

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