What illuminates your soul

The soul

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02/22/2004 Deeksha Wolgast

How can I identify more with my soul?

Mahesh says you don't know your MAN power: your MAN, your mood, your consciousness. If you don't know this then how can you know your soul?

Knowing the soul is the main goal of yoga.

It is the goal of your spiritual practice.

It's not such a thing, you go there and you know the soul.

To reach the soul you have to cross 3 barriers.

This awareness is the power of the soul. But your consciousness is away from your soul.

If there is no soul, there is no consciousness either, nothing. You soul is the ultimate cause of your consciousness. The whole consciousness is only there because your soul is in your body.

I will give a very simple example. In your house you have an electrical connection from the authorities. If you unplug, you will have no electricity. Exactly, that's how it is.

Because your soul is in your body, that is why so many cells and molecules live and work in your body. They only do that because the soul is in it.

When there is electricity in the house, the computer, phone, fan, refrigerator, so many devices depend on it, everything works.

When the soul goes away, the body cannot move even though it has everything.

I will give another example.

Your car drives because a driver is in it. The car is perfectly fine, but if there is no driver in it?

The body is a vehicle, the soul is the driver, one could say master or king. You can call it what you want.

All of these spiritual practices will get you there.

When your consciousness reaches the soul, all darkness is gone. The soul is light.

That's why it's called enlightenment. You become enlightened, that is, your consciousness becomes enlightened. Your consciousness is enlightened, your soul is already enlightened.

The soul is fully enlightened when it appears before God.

The spiritual journey is a journey backwards.

Usually people align themselves with the world, they go into the mortal world. When you go inside, that is the real journey, that is the real goal of the human body.

If you want to become enlightened, you have to overcome the ego and the wrong intellect.

Is that clear or not?

If you have a question, you can ask. That was a very nice question. It's clear?

The soul is called "soul", not God, because the soul itself has an ego. In the soul there is still a concentration on the illusory world.

As long as the ego is there, one has the task of crossing the ego, one has to end the ego. This is the wrong me.

Because of this identification with the world, the soul has lost consciousness of where it came from. She has lost divine consciousness.

One has to purify the false consciousness with these spiritual exercises.

When this false awareness is ended, the whole barrier that lies in front of it is removed, burned. And then, in that moment, that part of God instantly becomes God.

W.e have forgotten our own divinity, we have lost the memory of our reality.

Through these spiritual exercises one becomes able to know who one is, who one was, where you are, and where you want to go.

D.hat is not a journey of steps, it is a journey through consciousness.

W.hen the real consciousness shows up in your mind, all the garbage is burned.

For this exercise, the Sufi masters give their students the task of thinking that they are burning up all the garbage in their minds so that it melts. And when the garbage melts, the garbage goes out of your body. They just think so, and so all of your 7 bodies will be cleansed. (Humans have a total of 7 bodies, e.g. the auric body, the astral body or the panic body, etc.)

You suffer from wrong thoughts.

You have lost true awareness of who you are. When your consciousness is cleared, it is like being crazy.

When enlightenment comes you have nothing, no possessions, nothing at all. You are just happy. You are satisfied. Your physical, mental and spiritual awareness is increasing. First you have to know the soul, what you are. Just see how far your consciousness is from the absolute point of your being. You can think that your soul is there. When the soul is not there, you cannot feel your presence.

Do you have a question about the soul? There is no longer any question about that.