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Chinese TV series and films excite the Vietnamese

Viewers say they are particularly intoxicated by the handsome actors, beautiful costumes, and captivating stories.

The movie "Mermaid"

Chinese TV series and films are enjoying increasing popularity in Vietnam, as evidenced by the growing market share. Films in particular generated record-breaking box office revenues and received rave reviews from local viewers.

That year, the blockbuster Mermaid, a science fiction fantasy film directed by Stephen Chow, hit the box office in Vietnam after debuting during the Chinese Spring Festival on February 10th. The environmental parable and at the same time funny love story of a rich businessman and a mermaid caused a real "mermaid fever" in Vietnam. The audience expressed their great enthusiasm for the film, which made them laugh and cry at the same time. In March, "mermaid fever" was fueled in Vietnam by a picture of a cute 6-month-old baby in a mermaid costume that became an internet hit. Parents said the idea of ​​dressing their daughter up as a mermaid came after seeing "Mermaid".

Parents said the idea of ​​dressing their daughter up as a mermaid came after seeing "Mermaid".

At the beginning of 2015, the television series "The Empress of China" caused a real hype in Vietnam and fans were waiting for a new episode on the Internet every day. 33-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Dong says, "I always waited so excitedly for the next episode and to see how the story unfolds." At the same time, an app became very popular in Vietnam that allows you to edit photos to look like the characters from "The Empress of China". This makeup app gives bright red lips, almond-shaped eyes with long lashes and a flower mark on the forehead. "I used the app for my photos, but also for my husband and cousin's photos," laughs Dong, "that was so fun." After its online success, the drama, also known as the Saga of Wu Zetian, about the life of the only known empress, was also broadcast on Vietnamese television in 2015.

Breathtaking scenes

Dong says she likes Chinese TV series and movies because of the good looking actresses and actors and the great and breathtaking scenes. "The actresses are extremely beautiful and their costumes are beautiful too," she says.

Nguyen Huong Tra, a 29-year-old Hanoi office worker, is also a fan of Chinese films. She admits she was addicted to "My Fair Princess" as a child. "I fell in love with the show and acted out the characters' actions a lot," she says.

25-year-old Nguyen Ha Thu reports that she collected small stickers with pictures of the characters in "My Fair Princess" and stuck them on her satchel and bedroom walls.

According to the famous Vietnamese translator Nguyen Le Chi, who has translated many Chinese television series and film scripts over the past 20 years, Chinese series and films are being revised for local audiences in a timely manner as film genres are increasingly diverse in China.