Obama could run for president in 2020

2020 US Elections: How About Michelle Obama?

While some presidential candidates are still vying for attention, she has long since achieved pop star status: Michelle Obama, ex-first lady and wife of Barack Obama, is currently the most popular woman in the United States. When she appears in public, the greats from show business cheer her. Her biography ("Becoming") was also number one on the bestseller lists in Germany for weeks.

Michelle Obama (55) is a real popular figure, close to the people, a talented speaker, she has something to say, is committed and extremely successful - and as a former White House resident she is still fondly remembered. No wonder that speculation continues to arise as to whether she might not be able to follow in her husband's footsteps and run for the presidency.

"You have to want the job"

"Michelle would definitely be presidential," says political scientist Christoph Haas from the University of Freiburg. "Everyone agrees that she has what it takes - but she doesn't want to," the America expert is convinced. Especially since Michelle clearly answered the question in the negative. When she last appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, she said, "The reason I don't want to run for president - I can't speak for Oprah - but my feeling is that first and foremost, you have to want the job."

Want the job - in her case, however, she knows what she is talking about: mountains of files, long working days, stressful trips and immense pressure. At the side of her husband, she was able to experience first hand how the days in the White House go. "Let's be honest: You have to be extremely keen to shape something politically to want such a life," says America expert Haas.

The trained lawyer is still politically active: She advocates healthy eating, is committed to women and charities.

Life outside of big politics is financially more lucrative anyway: According to "Forbes", husband Obama is said to have earned an impressive three million dollars in his eight years at the head of the state. Even during his time in office, however, the presidential salary was clearly topped by the $ 7.5 million that Obama received from his books. In any case, the cash register didn't really ring until after the presidency: The Obamas are supposed to get $ 65 million for two books from Penguin Random House, and they get up to $ 400,000 per speech.

If, contrary to expectations, she should still want to throw her hat into the ring, she would have to hold on, Haas is convinced. "Even Biden was late." The former Vice President Obamas is already 76 years old, but in Haas' opinion the most promising candidate in the democratic field of applicants. The Freiburg political scientist is based on the reactions of his potential adversary, among other things: US President Donald Trump prefers to rush against Joe Biden in his Twitter comments. He knows why: In the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton was only behind Trump with a total of 170,000 votes. And these states are likely to play a key role in 2020 as well. “Biden is extremely well received by the insecure working class there,” says Haas, who currently gives the 76-year-old the best opportunities, even if there is currently no negative mood in the US when it comes to the economy. Ultimately, it is important to win the key states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan in the upcoming elections in 2020. “It's about the three states,” says Haas.

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