Boston College is a good school

Student Exchange in England - My year at Boston College

  • WORLD CITIZEN donors:Global Youth Group
  • Program: Student exchange
  • Country: England
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Surname: Lisa

Hello my Name Is Lisa. I am 17 years old and have so far attended the state school of Saxony-Anhalt in Schulpforte, a place between Naumburg and Bad Kösen.

My first time in England

At the end of 2013 I confronted my parents with the idea of ​​doing a school exchange year in England. After a short conversation they agreed and the realization of the idea was started. The aim was and is to improve and deepen the English-speaking knowledge I have acquired so far, as well as to experience the way of life of another nation, in my case England.

For the project we found at Global Youth Group e. V. Support. After an in-depth discussion in 2013, an introductory seminar for an organized stay abroad followed in July 2014 in Essen. General rules and procedures were pointed out here and options for contacting us in an emergency were discussed.

In August my host mother contacted me by email. I liked the way she wrote to me straight away. That gave me courage and strengthened my plan. The day of parting was approaching. On 08/28/2014, around 7:00 a.m., we went from Berlin-Tegel to London Heathrow. I flew alone and was very excited. When I arrived in England, at the largest airport in Europe, I was able to use all of the English skills I had learned so far to find the meeting point for the London trip group. After everyone was complete, we went to the hostel with bags and bags.

In the evening we were still on the London Eye. The view over the city, the sea of ​​lights ... it was simply indescribable.

This was followed by a “city tour by night”, an absolute must.

The 2nd day began with a typical English breakfast, consisting of fried bacon, small, also fried sausages, as well as fried and scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes. On the other agenda was the wax museum of Madame Tussauds. It was really exciting to stand next to Emma Watson, John F. Kennedy, the Beckhams and Co. ... even if they weren't exactly real. This was followed by a walk through Hyde Park and shopping in Harrod. We were given the destination for our meeting point and then set off on our own.

3rd day of the London trip: after breakfast we first packed our bags and we were then mostly welcomed by the educational institutions / contractual partners of the Global Youth Group e. V. picked up. My trip was to Boston, a beautiful city that lies in a large bay on the east coast of England. A Boston College minibus picked us up. The mood was good and we, that is Eljas, Anna, Cathleen, Kathrin, Theresa and I, were really looking forward to our new temporary home.

When we arrived at Boston College, after a two-hour drive, we received a very warm welcome. Sue Hill, the college's first secretary, gave us a brief briefing first. The boarding school students were led to the Halls of Residence, (college boarding school). Boston College is well prepared for international students, and the school staff and teachers are always available to help. It consists of a complex of several independent buildings. Every classroom is equipped with the latest technology (whiteboard, etc.) and you feel right at home. In contrast to German schools, the individual courses only have about 8-15 students. The course rooms create a pleasant atmosphere. The floors are carpeted, the rooms appear open and spacious (large windows, walls facing the hallway are made of glass). In contrast to most schools in Germany, English schools are primarily concerned with the well-being and well-being of all students. Here pupils and teachers address each other by their first names, the typical teacher-pupil hierarchy is barely noticeable and the director can be seen regularly on the school premises with her “Director's Speech Time” sign.

I had decided on a host family. Upon our arrival, I was escorted from college to my new home. Of course, I was very excited. When I stood in front of my new home, my host mother welcomed me with open arms. The excitement of the past few days immediately fizzled out. The relationship with my host mother was very cordial from the beginning and especially her 3 little rascals (dogs) and her cat were obviously enthusiastic about me.

My “first day of school” began with the morning greeting from my host mother's three little dogs. We had a leisurely breakfast together and then I went on my way. The college is only a 5 minute walk away. When I got to school, I met many new faces and quickly made friends with the English teenagers. The first week was an introduction to college, which was necessary. My schedule is very clear, as I "only" take 4 subjects, including IGSE English. Because of this, there is enough free time to do as much as possible with my friends every single day.

The support from Boston College is excellent. If you have any questions or problems, you can always find someone to help. Since I've been here in Boston, I've been enjoying every moment with my host family and friends and I don't regret a second.