Is Lahore an overcrowded city

Dozens dead in Lahore, Pakistan : Taliban after attack: "Christians are our target"

Dozens of people died on Sunday in an alleged bomb attack in the northern Pakistani city of Lahore. On Monday morning, the death toll was given as at least 72, with at least 200 injured. In some cases, there is even talk of more than 300 injuries. Many children are among the victims.

According to the AP news agency, the Taliban have confessed to the attack. According to the AFP agency, it is the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar subgroup. "We committed the attack in Lahore because Christians are our target," said their spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan on Monday by phone. His group is planning further attacks, including against schools and universities.

A high-ranking official said a violent explosion had occurred in a parking lot of a well-frequented park. A senior police officer said it appeared to be a suicide attack. According to an eyewitness, many Christians had gathered in the park. According to a high-ranking official from the authorities, soldiers came to the rescue and security forces.

Many Christians for Easter in the park

A representative from Jinnah Hospital told AFP news agency that more than 40 bodies had been taken to the hospital. There are also more than 200 injured, many of them are in serious condition. He therefore reckons that the death toll will continue to rise.

The doctor described that in the hospital because of the high number of injuries, people even had to be treated in the hallways and on the floor. Senior Police Officer Haider Ashraf said it appeared to be a suicide attack. Bullets were found in the park. Javed Ali, 35, said the explosion destroyed the window panes of his house across from the park- "Everything was shaking, there were screams and dust everywhere." The park was overcrowded because many Christians had gathered there because of Easter.

The US government spoke of a "cowardly" attack on innocent civilians. "The US strongly condemns today's terrorist attack in Lahore," said National Security Council spokesman Ned Price, according to the White House.

Federal government condemns attack

The German government sharply condemned the terrorist attack in Pakistan, which left dozens dead. "This horrific attack against families in a busy park shows that terrorism in its murderous madness is directed against all people equally - no matter whether man or woman, young or old, no matter what belief and what skin color," said a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office on Sunday evening in Berlin.

"This crime can only encourage us to continue to act together with all means of the rule of law against the perpetrators of the terror and against the inhuman ideology that it follows." At least 63 people were killed in the suicide attack in the metropolis of Lahore, most of them women and children.

Clashes in Islamabad

In the Pakistani capital, there were clashes between the police and thousands of supporters of an Islamist who was executed in late February for the murder of a provincial governor. Mumtaz Qadri's supporters threw stones at the police officers. Army patrols were used to calm the situation, as an army spokesman announced on Sunday evening via the short message service Twitter.

Attacks have been happening in Pakistan for years, but the number has been falling since 2014. The country has been fighting an Islamist uprising since 2004, in which the Pakistani Taliban, among others, repeatedly carry out attacks. In Lahore, the Pakistani cultural metropolis in the north-east of the country, things have remained relatively quiet in recent years. (AFP / Reuters)

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