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Sambit Patra told the congress spokesman 'Pizza Chacha' that Rahul Gandhi was neither a real Hindu nor a real Gandhi

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra appeared angry at a convention leader on News 18 India's live debate show. On Amish Devgan's show, BJP spokesman Sambit Patra expressed his anger over what Rahul Gandhi called the "real prime minister" and PM Modi the "fake prime minister". Sambit Patra firmly opposed the incident, saying that it shows that Congress wants Rahul Gandhi to be prime minister of the country at all costs. In the meantime, Sambit Patra even called the congress speaker "Pizza Chacha".

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A post on News18 India Twitter appeared entitled "Sambit Patra called Congress Speaker" Pizza Chacha. "Rahul Gandhi is neither a real leader nor a real president of the Congress Party, he is neither a real Hindu nor a real Gandhi How did he become a real Prime Minister? Rahul Gandhi is a complete fake.

In this video, the Amish seem to be saying: They talked about the East India Company, the House of India made that decision. Is the House of India the East India Company? And here was Rahul Gandhi also called the real Prime Minister? In response, Sambit Patra says: Two big things were mentioned, today Tasrim Rehmani called us East India Company, and Congress Party said Rahul Gandhi was the real Prime Minister. Modi ji is a fake prime minister.

Sambit Patra goes on to say, "You see, Rahul Gandhi is not even a real leader, he's not even the real president of the Congress Party." They are not even real Hindus. Besides, he writes Gandhi, he's not even the real Gandhi. It had nothing to do with Gandhiji. How did he become the real prime minister? Hey full fake, Rahul Gandhi is full fake. And I'm going to ask the whole public to tweet Rahul Gandhi.

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Sambit Patra said - he later became the real prime minister? You see, it shows somewhere that it is clear in his head to make Rahul Gandhi prime minister at all costs. Second, East India Company ..? Are we the East India Company or are we Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi? Who is from Europe? Who is going to Europe? Ask Pizza Chacha