America is experiencing a national ideological war

United States

The commemoration of the civil war in the USA became the battlefield of national identity conflicts. But the trauma is not the war, but today's social and cultural fragmentation.


Any conservative Southerner who has read much about Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction is acutely aware that during those misery-encrusted 32 years, the Yankees did everything in their considerable power to break the spirit of the Southerners. They deliberately held the devastated South on the knife-edge of mass starvation, and continually waved the bloody shirt to fan the nation's hatred of the South. The North sought to crush the Southerners' Christian-based independence of spirit and belief in decentralized government and coerce them into embracing the dominance of the national government and accepting meekly their new status as third-class citizens of the agricultural colonies of the industrialized North. (...) I was taught that slavery had been a longstanding lawful institution-in-being; that the Northern abolitionists had converted slavery into an emotionally-charged issue for condemning the South; that the Southern states began to secede in 1860-61 because the newly elected Republican party was going to use the power of the federal government to tax the Southern states outrageously; and that when the North then invaded the South, the Confederates fought valiantly to defend their nation, their homes, and their families. The Confederates had been heroic fighters defending their homeland. They had been defeated, but not dishonored. "[1]

This quote is interesting for a number of reasons. In addition to the nonchalant way of reinterpreting historical facts in the sense of the lost Southern Confederation, [2] and the rather subliminal attempt to use the Yankees To stylize (northerners) as godless antichrists and oppressors of freedom-loving southerners, the date of the speech is particularly interesting: It does not come from the decades of racial segregation in the south, from the period between 1880/90 and 1960/70, but from 2006 And it is by no means alone with its pronounced neo-confederate ideology. A whole bundle of conservative organizations, from the League of the South to the Council of Conservative Citizens, has made it their business since the beginning of the 1990s to denigrate the results of a professional historiography that has been denounced as liberal and consistently redesign it in the sense of the South to formulate. Most of these organizations are affiliated with the Southern wing of the Republican Party. The majority of these neo-confederates are strictly patriotic in the sense of one 100 percent Americanism and practices that double loyaltywhich has been used since around 1880 raison d'ĂȘtre has become a conservative southerner. This example alone, which is not the extravagant aberrations of a single eccentric, shows how significant the civil war, which began 150 years ago in 2011, still is for many Americans.