The downfall of Cristiano Ronaldo began

If in a year's time there should be talk of whether Jürgen Klinsmann has left behind a few positive things under the rubble on which Hertha is now, then this name could come up: Lucas Tousart, 22. The professional already belongs to the Berliners, just stupid that he can't play yet. Hertha BSC officially packed him for 22 million euros in the large transfer package that Klinsmann put together in winter, but immediately loaned him back to Olympique Lyon until the end of the season. And now Tousart has defeated the great Cristiano Ronaldo, on Wednesday evening he scored the goal of the 1-0 first leg win in the Champions League round of 16 against Juventus Turin.

So this Tousart is currently playing on the world stage of football. Whether he will switch to a provincial stage in the summer - also in terms of the division - will be decided in the next few weeks. This Friday could already be groundbreaking: If Hertha loses after the 0: 5 against Cologne also in Düsseldorf, the alarm bells on the Spree again announce the impending demise of the second division.

And this despite the fact that the megalomania broke out again shortly before the turn of the year, after coach Klinsmann built his wall in the capital. The first fears of relegation were suppressed with massive bar tactics, the former national coach (2004 to 2006) dreamed of a future with championship, Champions League and an IPO soon. All of a sudden, however, on February 11th, Klinsmann put his brakes on the brakes: after 76 days in office, he was fed up with Berlin, submitted his resignation via Facebook video and disappeared to his private headquarters in Los Angeles.

Fresh money is welcome, but if possible, it will be taken at the front door

But not without, as we now know, leaving a statement that the football world has not yet read. Klinsmann's conclusion: The Hertha management is not only lacking charisma, it must be "completely replaced"; the team is in "a catastrophic condition"; "A culture of lies" prevails in the club. So it goes on and on. The target of this attack are specifically President Werner Gegenbauer and Manager Michael Preetz, two Altherthan residents who allegedly did not want to share power. The Sports picture Klinsmann's all-round hit was leaked by an unknown person, the newspaper published it on Wednesday. Anyone who has read it sentence by sentence with all its grammatical peculiarities asks two questions: How should Hertha still play football successfully in this stimulating climate? And: Cui bono? Who benefits from piercing the paper?

Klinsmann hardly, he is even more there than before as losers who fled conflicts. In his analysis, which was designed in the form of a diary and which also contains some relevant points in the description of the Hertha milieu, there are no mistakes of his own. Klinsmann had carried out the analysis for his actual Berlin client, the Tennor holding company owned by the investor Lars Windhorst. This holding company reportedly invested 224 million euros last summer to pimp Hertha, for which it received 49.9 percent of the club's shares. The narrow majority thus remains in the parent club, which is the exclusive law in this country in football. Unlike in England or Italy, no club should come under the command of external investors.

Since the holding company lacked football expertise, Klinsmann was bought in by Windhorst. First he launched him on the board of directors, and soon he moved down to the edge of the field as an emergency helper. And thus right into the heart of old Hertha. One can certainly draw a parallel to general economic life: fresh money is welcome, but is taken over at the front door if possible. But no stranger is allowed to enter the house so quickly.

Cui bono? Klinsmann comes to the conclusion that Hertha "has no performance culture, just thinking about the vested interests". If you want to shake this thinking, the indiscretion of the ex-trainer should fit into the strategy. The fight for Hertha's favor is already tough and curious, but it has probably only just begun.