You can join SWAT after the military

Tactical and survival technique based training is suitable for civilians as well as for police and military. It is based on techniques that have been tested and proven in reality. We show people how they can protect themselves and their loved ones using simple and effective techniques. These are the same techniques that we teach the police or special commandos. This makes the courses universally suitable for everyone, regardless of their martial arts experience or background. Most of the time, participants with little martial arts experience stand out particularly positively in these trainings.

Within the Tactical & Survival section of the Okuden Circle we have instructors for a wide variety of areas and with specializations in different areas of focus. Since we always see everything as a unit, this section is just as important as any other, as different people are exposed to different realities, especially when we are talking about the military, police, security services, paramedics, etc. These groups are sometimes exposed to realities of which civilians have no idea. Special situations require special concepts and with the Tactical & Survival section we fill this gap. We have various experts in the Okuden Circle who take care of the following areas:

-Law enforcement

-Devensive Tactics -Military / SWAT

-Combatives and Firearms (KTAC)

-Executive / Dignitary Protection

-Private Security -Tactical Medicine

-Woman Self-Defense

-Private Home Invasion

-Survival training in the nature

-and many, many more ...