What does Putin think of Hitler?

Putin gives speech on victory over Hitler's Germany

The ceremony was televised; There are strict curfews in the Russian capital due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the virus, the military parade in Red Square had to be canceled.

The president said in light rain that the victims would never be forgotten and that the Victory Parade would be rescheduled. "We bow to the generation of great winners," he said. Russia is invincible. There was also a minute's silence during the ceremony. In Moscow it became deathly quiet. Putin first laid a bouquet of red roses at the grave of the Unknown Soldier, then red carnations on the memorial stones of the Heroic Cities of the Soviet Union.

Message of peace from space

Despite the rain, the Russian Air Force held an air show in Moscow. There were flight parades like this in several Russian cities. Fireworks were also announced for the evening. The celebrations in Russia are later than in Germany because the surrender of the Wehrmacht took place on May 8, 1945 at a time when May 9 had dawned in Moscow. On the day of liberation in Germany on Friday, Putin recalled the historic event in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A message of peace was sent from space ahead of Putin's speech. The cosmonauts Anatoly Iwanischin and Iwan Wagner congratulated the people on the 75th anniversary of the victory over Hitler's fascism. "We should do everything today so that the new generations can live without war and maintain peace on our planet," said Iwan Wagner in a video message on board the International Space Station.