Debt collection is a good job

Debt collection career opportunity: The industry is looking for good business people

Berlin, July 5, 2018 -

The new year of training will start soon. Anyone who has not yet found a suitable employer could consider a job in receivables management. The industry is looking for committed young businesspeople.

5 to 10 billion euros. This is the amount that debt collection companies collect every year. Money that the economy needs - to secure jobs and keep prices stable for everyone. A great job in which you can do good.

Receivables management is an attractive professional environment for businesspeople. 20,000 employees give debt collection companies a job in Germany. Most of them have a commercial apprenticeship.

Score debt collection trainees
Shortly before the start of the new training year, it is worthwhile to get one of the coveted training positions at debt collection companies. "In receivables management, trainees have the chance to learn an exciting, challenging and varied profession," says Tanja Bylda, co-chair of the educational advisory board at the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU). In debt collection you work as an interface between creditors and debtors. In addition to basic legal knowledge and commercial know-how, this also requires empathy. “Well-trained and qualified employees represent the modern debt collection company, they convey the value of our services in dialogue with debtors and clients. It is a task with a high level of responsibility. New trainees can actively help shape digitization and develop both professionally and personally, ”adds Guido Zerreßen, also co-chair of the debt collection educational advisory board.

The Hanseatic city as a lighthouse
One of the pioneers in debt collection training is the commercial vocational school in Hamburg-Harburg. In addition to training as a clerk for office management, the school offers an additional qualification in receivables management. Five lessons a week make all the difference. During this time, the trainees learn not only the legal background on debt collection, but also practical things such as meaningful communication with the debtors concerned. At the end of the three-year training course, the new businesspeople receive a certificate with an additional certificate that documents the knowledge they have acquired in the area of ​​receivables management.

Last week in Hamburg-Harburg, 16 new businesspeople with additional qualifications in receivables management were happy to have passed the exam. This means that you are at the beginning of a promising career in debt collection. The test items come from four North German BDIU debt collection companies: REAL Solution, EOS Group, Debitor-Inkasso and the Hanseatische Inkasso-Treuhand. The BDIU has supported this branch of education for many years.

Other vocational schools that offer debt collection training are in Karlsruhe or in Essen. Anyone interested in a career in the debt collection industry can also find out more from the Federal Association. All collection agencies of the association are listed on the website Most of them also provide apprenticeship positions.